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G'day all!

Ages ago I fondled a copy of Knitting on the Edge . Oh how I lusted after it but $50, as it is here in Oz, seemed a bit steep.

Well 6-9 months later I found another copy of it. I looked, I put it back on the shelf and it just leapt back into my hand. OK, so I now am a little poorer but I have sooo many edge treatments for the simple little tops that I want to make. My workmates will be JEALOUS I tell you instead of seeing another daggy Lynne top. Bwahahahahahahaha!

I have my first spinning overuse injury. My wheel has only a single treadle. I have one teensy little sore tendon running up the bottom third of my tibia (shin bone). When i rub it and it goes twang! the pain goes away. I shall have to swap legs more often, but it really is set up for right footed treadling. Ah well, if I managed to save a bit I might still get a Kiwi cos it is easy to cart around.

BTW, here is the wheel in question. Note the yellow electrical wire and genuine Ashford spring creating the brake band.

my ancient ashford spinning wheel

fancy yellow brake band

On Saturday, I visited AK Traditions. This is an interesting shop. There are currently two shops. I liked the easternmost, and first one I visited, much more than the other one. It was much lighter and brighter and smelt better. AK Traditions does fibre and fibre-crafts. They have a lot of little felted toys and dolls. They have patchworking material in bright colours. I was not there for the felted stuff. I was there to find soy silk yarn and bamboo yarn. But they also had the brightly coloured fleece I spun up (which I could not find for half an hour this afternoon until I saw it - like how could I have missed it??? - hanging up to dry on the edge of the organ) and other fleece, felting supplies and some Wendy Dennis stuff and little baggies of exotic fibres like cashmere and bamboo and corn milk (ingeo?) fibre. The second shop was a lot darker and had lots of Rowan yarns in it. I am not a Rowan head. They make nice yarn and have some interesting patterns but if I am going to spend that much money, I want something exotic!

Like this:

pretty pink and purple soy silk

$22 for a ball of soy silk. At least it has well over 200 metres on the ball. It is a mongrel to deal with pulling it out of the centre of the ball - it is so slippery that it just slides and loops around itself. But the result is fabulous. More on the result when I've run out of yarn and can get a good pic of what I am doing with it.

Anyway, I am not much of a gusher really - I do not compliment easily, and when I do compliment I really mean it - but I really really liked the eastern AK Traditions. The two staff in there were enthusiastic and really like what they do. I felt rather jealous. (I have the feeling I have typed this before but it may have been to a friend. I sure hope it was cos I cannot find any mention in any earlier blogging. Then again I may simply be mad.) It could have been a really snobby shop cos it is in a snobby area but the two women were chatty and happy to have a new face oohing and ahhing over the lurid fleece offerings. The vibe of the place was really positive (and I am not new agey either - my training is in science).

Remember how I said it rained nearly seven inches in 36 hours last week? Well we have had another 30mm today, or a bit over an inch. This means that we have had our entire summer rainfall in less than a week. It is getting a little tiresome cos this is our hottest part of the year and we've only managed one 30 degree temp in the last week and three below 20s. (that is celcius, btw - I am a mostly metric gal.)

The corn is still growing. I wish it would take a hint from its neighbouring patch and start flowering. I am starting to wonder if it will ever flower or if it will keep growing. It is now over 2m tall. The purple king climbing beans certainly appreciate the height of the corn.

not quite finished cardi

I reckon that is your bloomin lot for the day so



  1. Anonymous3:22 am

    The Traddy looks noice! I've got some sort of wood-oil-wax thingy with wood-coloured colour in it if you want to make your bobbins look more woody. I did mine with it.
    The corn also looks noice. I hope you'e got enough plants to cross-fertilise, and may your ears be fat and juicy!
    See you,


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