G'day all!

Still obsessed with the cats. Here's some pics, not very flattering of TEO (the evil one) Tarpaw - still don't have a good name for her. Chester is becoming Cheshire cos she smiles a lot.


smoochy puss

TEO showing her apricot belly
cute baby top

In amazing news, I finally sewed the buttons on the blue cardi this evening. I had to buy two more buttons. I put the buttons on then tried the top on and it had grown about 4 inches all round. Amazing. No I haven't lost weight but it isn't a snug fit in my understanding of snug. But the buttonholes still gape.


Ah well, it looks fine if I don't button it up. Huzzah!



  1. Ooooooooh pretty kitties!!!
    I want another cat by I think my two I already have would chuck a tantie over it! They are about 5yo both of them..and Have been together since Drew (the white female) was about 6mths old. I have a pic of mine on my blog post titled Yin/Yang.



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