G'day all!

Feeling hot today. Usually I love hot weather. But today I feel waaaay too hot. I guess I've gotten used to 21 degree temps already and anything over 30 is TOO hot!

No new pics today, even though they are sitting on the camera, mainly cos I am TOO HOT to be bothered downloading them and chopping em down to size. But I have eventually decided to put some pics up, cos I can't link to the pics that I never put up earlier in my blogging!

Hmm, what news? Well we still don't have a name for TEO Tarpaw Russett Luoco Altissipuss. She had her first trip outside today and has sat at the door for half the afternoon. We are half convinced that she is either part Abyssinian or Ocicat cos she is without a doubht *the* most friendly cat we have ever met. She likes to sleep next to us, keeping one paw stretched out if she is not actually lying against us, she positively throws herself at you for a pat....

I had a day off today, very nice but did almost nothing with it. Including getting the washing off the line - back in a mo!

It is a superb night out tonight. Sunset about an hour ago - we are losing daylight fast here - but there is still light in the western sky as I write. Stars are coming out. The Southern Cross is swinging up from the south-east - Melbourne is about as far north as you can go if you want to see the Cross every clear night of the year. Orion (or as we knew it, the saucepan or teapot) is striding upside down after Taurus in the northern sky. It is clear as a bell. The crickets are singing but no cicadas. Last year was the year for cicadas. This year we've only found one patch of them on our nightly walks. Mossies are still vicious though.

Hmm, knitting news. Not much has happened today. Guess why? Too HOT! LOL Never fear, in a month I will be bewailing the start of autumn and short days - whinge moan moan. I sound like a Pom! I knit-stitch embroidered on most of two more letters onto the baby singlet. It is not quite done yet, so maybe a pic tomorrow. I found some silk/merino tops that might be very good for spinning up into a present for a lady in Merredin who gave us a bed for the night when we couldn't find one. I think I might need a little bit more for the thing I'ld like to make her though, so I might call in on Marta if I can get to work early enough to get to Marta's by 5pm.... Her tops are extra expensive but I only need a little bit of a certain colour just to put a highlight into the spinning.

I bought a little bit of 50:50 merino/silk mix from Marta. She sells her tops by the metre. That is why it is not cheap, but she really sells them for felters, who only need a little bit at a time, mostly. I am spindling up the mix cos it is such a short length and I want to savour it in my fingers. Wheel spinning is all GO GO GO GO! Spindling is a bit more leisurely and sensual. I've mostly been wheel spinning cos I can't wait to see what the tops/roving will come up like. This stuff needs a little more care in drafting. It is white, btw, but once I've spun and plied it will most likely have an accident with my favourite coloured dyes (pink, blue, turquoise, purple).

More of the circus coloured merino will be arriving at AK2 shortly. Remember my first major excitement with spinning? Even better is that I have found the creator of the rovings/tops online - Jacinta Fleischman.

I just realised when I went back through my blog postings that I do not seem to have posted pics of the most amazingly gobsmackingly hot yarn in the history of the universe! Surely it can't be true! I am sure I have taken shots of it and posted them! I just can't find the right post.... But just to make sure, I am reposting them:

lurid merino
spun into singles

But I have NO pic of the plied yarn! But of course I have a pic of my lovely circus yarn:

circus skein

Oh, happy birthday to my father. 87 years and showing every one of them, poor old goat. Keep raising hell, old man! And happy birthday to my car, 7 years young and still purring like a pussy-cat. He gets a wash and his first ever polish on the weekend - my straw bag has put a few swirls into his paintwork (*blush*). Here he is on one of my long trips, done when he was only a baby. Cancel that - the pics were on a computer that I don't have any more.... oops!

That's yer bloomin' lot for the day so


  1. Ooooooooooh that is the best yarn! What are you going to do with it? Its lovely down here at the moment. Started raining today..Mind you muggy too. But I LOVE rain!!



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