G'day all!

Well what an interesting week it has been in Melbourne and here at Weedhaven. Yes, in our trip to our favourite timber place today we passed by a bush block that Nathan called weedhaven cos they had some of the bestest and biggest weeds we e'er did see. Considering our never ending battle with weeds inthe garden, I figure Weedhaven is a great name.

Monday - I was crook. I would love to show you the blue cardi in its finished form, but I can't.
a) the computer ate my pictures and
b) it isn't finished. But I did the button bands TWICE (do you really need to know why I'd need to do them twice??) and all the seams are done and the ends woven in. HOORAY!

What I can show you is this:

yummy first ever spun yarn

This is about 80m of luscious merino/alpaca/silk mix spun up on my new/old wheel. I think I've managed to work it out a bit and once I had some advice about brake bands/scotch tension (along with about 2 hours of Googling) I had it done.

Another HOORAY!

For our third HOORAY for this post, we finally got some rain. And when we say rain, we mean LOTS of rain. In 36 hours, we had roughly 170mm, or nearly 7 inches. I can only guess how much we had cos the rain gauge overflowed twice, so 170mm is a conservative estimate. That is how much rain we might expect in three months in a good rain year, and we got it basically in one day! It was terribly exciting, except it was coming down so hard that it kept us and most of Melbourne awake on Wednesday night. The drumming on the roof was incredible - like having possums running up and down except instead of one or two with hobnail boots on about 500 constantly marching on the roof. We went from 36 degrees maximum on Tuesday to 13 on Wednesday - that is a low winter day temperature for us. It is after all still summer here! The temperatures were a bit of a boo hiss really, along with all the poor people whose houses are built in flood plains (like HELLO!) or who had trees come down on their houses. Major disruptions to public transport due to flooding and fallen trees, including my normal train line when a tree came down *on* a train. Noone was hurt, luckily, but jeez it was annoying!

Shall we go for a fourth hooray! I think I shall save that one for tomorrow or next I blog. But I will tell you that I now have two bobbins of white polwarth fleece spun up and ready to ply as soon as Nathan makes my new lazy kate. He has wood in the shed and felt inspired. I am pretty sure it will be easier to ply off a lazy kate than off one bobbin and Scarf Style, ie singles wrapped around a book....

If anyone knows why it is called a lazy kate / who the unfortunate original lazy kate was, I'd like to know!



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