G'day all!

Well I was going to post many things on the blog tonight but as is often the case, time has defeated me. Plus I am sure I took a number of pics the other day when the batteries were recharged but I must've dreamt it. Can't find them anywhere. I'll have to do them again when the weather cooperates.

I have the spinning wheel working to one degree or another. I've oiled its little moving parts, though I can't find the vaseline for the spindle, so it has to run on oil too. I've read that the wheel should spin X number of times before it stops, without the drive on. This one spins about 25 times - a bit less than expected - and when treadled feels pretty easy to me at least.

I saw one Ashford Traveller like mine at the handweaver and spinners' guild yesterday. I bought some more bobbins and rovings.

Anyway, the upshot is that I have managed to spin some yarn up and ply it as well, even though i only had two bobbins then. Typically of me I've used the merino/alpaca/silk mix - stuff practising on plain old wool! I wanted something really nice! Maybe a pic of my not so well plied yarn tomorrow. LOL.

Now being a Melburnian, born and bred, I must mention the weather. Yesterday it was nice and warm, even hot at lunchtime. Brightly sunny. Somewhere over 30. Pretty much what you expect from summer I reckon. I thought I was going to end up with a sunburn or heat exhaustion as I walked back to the city when no tram turned up to bring me back to work from the guild. Feels like forever ago. A strong cold change has blown up from Antarctica and boy are we noticing the difference! It has been 11 degrees C for most of the day and so far we've had 62mm of rain, or nearly 2.5". More cold and rain is forecast for tomorrow. We've had to put the heating on, and now the place stinks of mouse. Yergh!

on that charming note, I bid you



  1. Yep being a proud Tassie Born and Bred I can agree in the weather. It was lovely and warm yesterday (around 24?)...Today...Anyone would think it was WINTER so windy half the recycle bins in the neighbourhood has fallen over..everything blown out. Its raining like nothing else..and I am cold!! I am LOVING IT!! LOL...I love cold weather


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