C'est fini!

not quite finished cardi

Mais non!

Hmm, that is about as far as my fourth form French gets me. It is over 20 years since I studied French. I did Latin at HSC level (I think that equates to senior high graduation??) cos I did not have to speak it.

I seamed up that blue cardi a week ago. I bought buttons for it 5 or 6 days ago. So why is it still languishing without buttons?

Because of this:

naughty messy loungeroom

This is what happens when you move your bed from the loungeroom back to the bedroom, leaving behind the random piles of clothes, knitting stuff and books. Note the spinning wheel. Plus you get to see this in the bedroom:


A bed! In a bedroom! All is well!

Then there is this:

50g of the most lurid merino you will ever see

When I saw it I had to have it. 50g of merino. I had been eyeing off a couple of other colours but this was the only one of this colour mix and the salesperson picked it out and gave it to me. I pretty much clutched it to my chest and dropped the other rounds like they were hot spuds.

Seen from a different angle:

lurid merino opened up

Which turned into this whilst I watched a famous faces about Benny Hill:

singles of lurid merino

And became this when I navajo plied it (not very well I admit):

lurid yarn plied

I am totally in love with that yarn. I washed it this arvo and spun it mostly dry and now all I want to do is carry it around with me and pat it. I love rainbow coloured stuff, always have.

lurid yarn skein

And this:

Polwarth stuff to play with

100g of Polwarth fleece all spun up. Again I am not claiming I have done the world's best plying job on this - still getting the hang of it.

And soon this will be on the bobbin:

more brightly coloured stuff to play with

That is some of my own dyed Merino roving so don't pick on the colours. I used what I had handy and dyed them strong, vibrant colours. Unless I really stuff up, you won't see me dye stuff dull colours - I only go to pastels and even then I make candy colours. I like colours that suit me.

Are you getting the picture yet?

I have so many pics of what I have been spinning and the bits and bobs I bought on the weekend and things I have made that you'll have to wait for another post before I show you more!

BTW, thanks to Darrow I now know what the infamous Mullet was all about (see my 26th Jan post). You may have heard of Bondi Beach in Sydney. Well it was famous for more than the sun, surf and babes. Bondi was also one of the major sewage outfalls in Sydney. The effluent was not exactly treated well, and when I say treated I mean broken down into its component parts. So it could be quite exciting swimming at Bondi, because you never knew what exactly you might be stepping on or what would bob up. The bobbers, floaters and sinkers were collectively called mullets. So now you know too.

(For the record I believe that instead of only the largest lumpy bits being strained out, the effluent at Bondi is now secondary or tertiary treated.)

On that charming note, I bid you



  1. ooooh all that yarn is DIVINE! You have great taste in colours! One day I might get brave and borrow my parents spinning wheel...They dont know how to use it so I might learn! lol


  2. your yarn is luscious! as for mullets, here in the states a mullet is a haircut, long in the back and short on top (think 80's hair bands, lol). this from a former mullet wearer (now all my hair is down to my fanny, lol) your mullets sound super disgusting, blech (reminds herself not to go swimming at bondi if she ever makes it to australia)


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