That was the year that was

G'day all!

No Christmas pics yet - I haven't even taken pics of my prezzies! How remiss of me! We've been busy in the yard after getting 32mm of rain (that's about 1.25 inches and the most we've had in months).

Mrspao did this, so I am too. It is the first part of each blog posting on the first of each month of 2006. Enjoy, and I will have knitting content soon - lotsa knitting happening!

Welcome to 2006. Hope you enjoy the ride! This year we'll have plenty of spinning, knitting and house/garden stuff for you to enjoy and perhaps some tales of travel to a far and distant land, a land of milk and honey, green fields and congested cities.

Guess what I got in the mail today?

Two parcels!

It was ever so sweet of the postie to jam one of them into the letterbox - it didn't really fit in very easily. The other one was sitting on the door mat - a much better place! I am not sure the spider that got squashed in the letterbox would appreciate the postie's efforts, although it may be in some spidery heaven now with many fat and juicy flies flinging themselves on its palps. I know I didn't like the spider legs poking around the edge....

Well my trawl for different increases (without googling for them) didn't work very well apart from one response - thanks for the info, Chris!

Plus I found this nifty reflection of self thing, called a johari window. So if you want to do a johari window on me, pop along to here, and after completing mine then you can set one up for yourself!

Guess what it is today?


Boy did I flash it!

Well it has been a day for reflection, contrasted with mad hurrying.

May isn't the best month for me, being the month when both my parents died, many years apart.

June is upon us! This means I must show off my May projects before I work out what to do for June! (Is June blue? Lolly's site tends to crash my browser so I don't visit often) (which reminds me, Chaotic Chris, your blog is crashing my browser again. V dot annoying.)

I quit my job in June. Lots less money, much more happiness (which reminds me that I must update the shop).

This is just a little commemoration for Margie, who would've been 74 today. Margie ignored the lumps in her breast until it was waaaaay too late.

Freedom is mine! No job! Scariness!

It is August already! How did that happen?

Happy Birthday to one of my sisters, and happy birthday to all the race horses in Australia and NZ. They all got a year older overnight.

We spent a week in Merredin in WA. Good people there.

Or a not so good day - I accidentally posted to the scarf exchange TWICE lol, and now DH has quit his job so we have NO INCOME AT ALL!

DH was persuaded to not quit. I went to Cairns in far north Queensland and gave a talk at a conference.

On Saturday, Chocolate Trudi and I went to the open day at the fibre forum down near Geelong.

I got some temping work. Money is a nice thing to have.

How did it get to be November already? That means only TWO days to MUMBLE! (Sounds like I should be getting false teeth so I can mumble by taking them out...)

I turned a significant age. I had good company in turning a significant age, but they will remain nameless.


I am on fire!

(I made lots of single socks and many pairs of Fetchings)

Back soon with more, maybe even a round up of what I made this year. Only one big project I seem to remember but lots of single socks. Poor single socks.



  1. nappy hoo year! i've seen this several places, and i think i will just have to do it myself. thanks!

  2. Isn't it amazing to see a year summarized down to a page??? Always great to look back and see those achievements.

  3. What a great summary of 2006! I wish you and your's all the best in 2007!!

  4. You had some good beginnings! Hee hee - I am amused to be mentioned twice in them. I'm easily amused. ;) Happy New Year's to you and N and the kitties!

  5. I have had a great time reading along with you. Your photos are fantastic and it has been so much fun to get to know you!

    Have a great 2007 - I'm looking forward to seeing it!!


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