Cos I have to get them off my computer and somewhere where I can find them again (isn't your bookmark list about 5000 long, even though you have a gazillion folders and have "tidied" them and can't find the ones you want when you want?)

Likely Christmas present for my separated sister - a drop stitch wrap, with a pair of Fetching for her daughter. Note the rest of the family will be lucky to get anything but I figure it would be nice if the ones who *need* to be thought of get stuff. Hmm, I had better find some yarn and knit her son up a hat - he can wear it in Canberra in winter cos they get snow there. I have to finish dyeing the yarn for the wrap, dry and spin the dyed tops for the fetching and find some boyish yarn for the hat. OK, so it is summer and hot - winter will come again in due course. I have two weeks to get it all done in - it has to get there by post most likely.

Gluten-free recipes. Yum!

A new version of the periodic table.

Health benefits of mangoes

(I like getting stuff from even if it is weeks behind other sites...)

This clockwork mechanism is way cool (and was way cool and wet for some time!).
(see what I mean about liking this website?)

How about some distributed energy generation?
(oh, no not again!)

More stuff on CO2.

Richard Dawkins is not very happy with the concept of God in any of his/her/its incarnations, especially as a Creator.

DH's blog.



  1. You need - you can organise your bookmarks on this as well :) I've been using it for a while and it is great!!

  2. Oh, thank you for that gf recipe link!

  3. i ADORE mangoes! who knew my habit of going through a 12 oz box of dried mango a week (if i hide it from liam, otherwise i'm lucky if i get half!) was good for me!

    the rest were very interesting, as well. i'd seen the ancient computer thing before


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