I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas....

Just like the ones I've never known

Merry Christmas all!

Yesterday I thanked all those who made an extra (or any) effort to send rain our way. Well it was one helluva Christmas present! We had nearly an inch of rain overnight (20mm, not 25mm but close) and we are still working on more. The woo-tank (open topped aquaponic tank with 99 bubby eating fish in it is full (I hope there are 99 bubby eating fish in it still - it overflowed last night into the stormwater) and the main tank is at least a third full, which is about as much as we've ever had in it since we installed it in May.

However, I would like to know who sent THIS our way?

Did someone get a little wee tad overexcited? Is your god particularly potent?

at 5am I had to get up. It had been hailing on and off for an hour, the cats were hissing and spitting and fighting (presumably because Cheshire was hungry and she beats up Nut when she gets hungry) and well it just plain looked too exciting outside cos from our bedroom window in the dark, with me without my glasses on, it was quite obvious that we had a LOT of hail.

The radar map showed that we were the lucky recipients of a line of storms:

(X marks our place, the orange and red marks the line of storms, and the weather here comes from the southwest, so it moves from the bottom left corner of the map to the top right corner) (image copyright the BoM)

Cheshire eventually found the open back door (open because our toilet is right next to the back door and I had wandered off for a 5am visit) and bolted out it. Normally this means we don't see her until it is breakfast time cos she is finding cats to beat up (though she usually loses). 60 seconds later she was back inside and howling at me, having decided it was just too wet and nasty to stay outside. 5 minutes later she was fighting Nutmeg in the bedroom and waking Nathan up. Cheshire thinks she is playing when she uses the jugular bite, but the Nut disagrees and starts fighting in earnest with lots of hissing and spitting and growling.

There was so much hail outside I had to grab the camera. Hail everywhere. It was like walking on little ball bearings - what fun! The tigerlily housewarming present we got looks a lot less pretty now that it's had a inch of hail build up on its flowers, what remains of them. Be warned most of the photos were taken in the dark by a woman who is shortsighted enough to not be able to read the computer screen without leaning forward (unless she has her glasses on). (That would be me, btw).

This morning when I got up, the mulch had insulated the hail well enough that it is still around in patches. Amazing, eh?

So I wish those of you who should get a White Christmas exactly that. However, whoever is sending the hail to us, we are very grateful for the precipitation, but can you back off a little? Thanks!

I expect to look like this this afternoon - somewhat fat and rather uncomfortable from eating too much christmas lunch. Then there will be Christmas dinner....

Cheshire says you WILL have a MERRY CHRISTMAS or she will visit you and your cats and beat them up, ok? (She really needs a little whip and dominatrix outfit ;-)



  1. LOL,and a very Merry Xmas to you hail and all,I wish we could get some here so I could get a paint job on my Van!
    Enjoy your Lunch,we are doing it tonight as kids won't eat big meals for lunch and I have a visitor this afternoon anyway so will put them to work helping clean up and cook!!!!Again a verrrry Woolly Xmas and may the New Year bring lots of fibre your way!!!!

  2. merry white christmas, lol.

    no, i didn't send it toyou, but you could send the white this way! my oldest son is very upset because it's not snowing, and we haven't had any yet this year!

  3. Merry Christmas!! I'm glad nothing was badly damaged!! Hope the cats got lovely presents, and both of you too!!!!

  4. Merry Christmas, hail and all! It wasn't me that sent the hail. Glad to hear you're getting some much needed rain there. I wish we would get some snow but it looks like a wet Christmas for us.

  5. Wow!!! I sure didn't send THAT. I don't like hail at all...

    Heh, maybe Cheshire and Chaos should spar... Chaos does the jugular thing and May DOES NOT LIKE IT AT ALL. No doubt.

    Hope you're having a lovely holiday!

  6. So you got the white Christmas, it wasn't here! Merry Christmas.

  7. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :-) Hoorah for the rain and the weird hail!

  8. I'm bitter that you in the height of summer have more white stuff on the ground than me in Vermont in winter.

    And I don't really even like snow all that much.

  9. Oy, that is quite a white Christmas! Glad you got rain though.
    There is nothing like a cat fight to ensure that you get very little sleep.


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