Summertime, and the living...

G'day all!

What a lovely night! The moon has risen through the mauve twilit sky (maybe it is even a bit of gloaming!), the cicadas are shrilling madly (who needs the gentle drone and shrill skirl of the bagpipes when you can have cicadas doing the same thing only even louder!) and we have some sorbet to eat :-) Mmm, sorbet.

Yesterday we went to a friend's birthday outing at a cafe in Camberwell. I suggested that we take our bikes on the train to Murrumbeena and ride the rest of the way. Public transport only costs $2.50 for a daily pass in Melbourne on Sundays and it is very very popular. The trains fill up to the brim for all the world like a stopping all stations train in peak hour or a tin or sardines, only without the fishy smell, mostly (doesn't help that they run every 20 minutes and are half trains - three carriages not six).

I forgot that you have to climb up out of a valley. Oops. It was a really nice ride, just a bit up and down. Mostly up. LOL One hill just kept going up and up and up - about a km long but we got there and whilst I was puffed, I was ok. Legs had lots of go left in them - just as well cos Camberwell is in a dip in the hills and you have to ride up out of it again. We chatted and caught up with some people we haven't seen in ages - an exhousemate of mine is looking *really* good - he's lost about 20 kilos I reckon. The ride home was better cos we went through a lot of back streets rather than along the railway trail and there were many many really cute houses to look at. I would've taken photos but that would mean stopping and getting the camera out about a thousand times - I need some sort of rig for the camera so that I can attach it to the handlebars.

When I looked along the road to the city, I saw that monstrous tower that seems to be visible from *everywhere* around Melbourne.

Oddly, we met the same bike riders on the train on the way back as on the way there. Funny, eh?

Now I've been knitting on a test knit project for Chocolate Trudi. The pattern is fine so far but I am not really loving the yarn. Y'see after knitting with STR in light and medium weight, the yarn I have feels so flat and uncushy. It feels dainty and delicate, more like laceweight than sock yarn. DANG YOU BLUE MOON FIBER ARTS! *waves fist* You have ruined me for other sock yarn! (Except maybe koigu PPPM but I would not know cos I don't have any.)

If you feel brave, I have a really bad picture of my poor fingie - it still isn't healed up three weeks later! I have to keep it wrapped up cos if I leave it unwrapped then it starts unhealing... I am going to keep the micropore tape factory open all by myself at this rate.

Time to go eat sorbet. Ohh, I must keep taking pics of the flowers for you poor things in northerly northern climes. I bet it will be nicer for you when the snow really hits rather than the grey on and off stuff. Alas some places only stay grey.



  1. *shiver* I'm thinking about biking here right now (20F) - brrrrrr!!

    Hmm, maybe you'll have to mug Peeve, since she has all that Koigu now...

  2. The snow is here to stay where I am, bring on the flower pics!

  3. Oh wow that sock wool is a gorgeous colour!

    May be time to go see someone about the finger if it isnt healing up right?



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