New toy

G'day all!

I have a new baby! It is very small and sleek. I could've gone smaller but at a price, so this small is small enough.

Here is its box:

And there it is in its box:

(I think the box has to be that big to take the CD and the manuals. It doesn't need to be anywhere near that big for the camera...)

And here is the new toy!

New toy is great! It is not a top end camera by any means but it takes much better pics than the old camera, and not just because it is lacking this:

(that is the lens of the old camera - no wonder I couldn't get pics without blurs in them)

I got it from Hardly Normal (they call themselves Harvey Norman) and they matched Kmart's price. Kmart was sold out after putting them on special - they only get three in, boo hiss. I got the camera and 512mb card for less than $200! Some people will say it is only 4 megapixels but I am using it for web pictures and a 1 megapixel camera will do for that...

Here is the last pic of the garden on the old camera:

(pale blue cornflowers and an Austin rose, English Garden)

and now some on the new camera. I am quite impressed by its super macro mode so you are getting a heap of pics in that mode :-)

Most of the flowers are shown a bit bigger than lifesize in the small shots on my screen, and somewhat larger than life in the click for better pic shots. I love the spider pic - the full size one is amazing but you only get the teensy and smallish ones - space and downloads, y'know. It is some sort of St Andrew's Cross spider and obviously female with a big fat belly full of eggs or spiderlings. So pretty! I hope we get lots more of them next year - they are much better than the leaf curling spiders.

Now if I can get some decent pics of my yarn, will people buy it? Only one way to find out!!

PS - know of any good ways to stop DH being a nong? I was talking to him and he suddenly decided to call someone and talk to them instead. I was happily editing pics for the blog and he suddenly decided that he has to get me to come outside to look at something - come and look at this! and bouncing about it - and it turns out there was nothing to look at but a vision for our back yard - nothing concrete (not yet anyway, lol). I thought there was something to see - a cat stuck in a tree but nope just DH recycling *my* ideas back at me.... He expects 100% of my attention and then delivers about 5% of his attention. He must feel starved for attention but ignoring me is not the best way to foster more attention...
PPS Hope you guys in the northern hemisphere like the flower pics. Just for you!


  1. The spiders are fascinating, aren't they? I'm not a big fan (I'm mostly kind of afraid), but I can appreciate them. ; )

    Thanks for the flowers. I've got about an inch of snow covering everything here.

  2. Hooray for new cameras! Cool spider!

  3. Congrats on the new camera - it takes lovely pictures.

    Um, alas, I have no words of wisdom on your DH. Sounds like typical male behavior...

  4. Men are odd aren't they?

    Love all the macro shots. The spider is pretty cool looking. Ours are mostly brown or black. The odd white one thrown in for a change. None so colourful or so patterned.

    What are the fuzzy pink flowers?

  5. Oh what a lovely new camera, and I can see the excellent quality of the photos and the close ups are so clear!! Spider alert please!! I think nongness is just built in. No hope I'm afraid!!

  6. Oh! An new toy and it's a nice one, too! Canon is a great camera, you'll be very happy with it. I love the new photo's.

  7. yes, dear, the flowers are lovely. the only "flowers" we're seeing round here are poinsettias!

  8. Well, behind every great man is a greater woman!

    Cute new camera :)

  9. I love the feathery pink flowers, and the spider is lovely - I only get the heebie-jeebies about poisonous ones walking around inside the house.

    As for your DH, well do I remember mine [when we were first married] prancing around in front of me trying to get my attention whenever I had a long phone chat with my Mum - he stopped after I started describing his actions and attire (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) to her LOL!!! Finding a suitable, immediate, humourous retaliation, can do the trick - but only you can find the answer!! (Cue massive sci-fi theme music and background of warp-speed starstreaks)

  10. Thanks for the pics. Love the new camera and how well it shows up the spider (worth clicking on for the larger size!).

    The husband? Well, aren't all men that way? My husband has a habit of looking at me and nodding while I'm telling him a story and then when I pause for a breath he says something that starts of sounding like he's listening, but goes somewhere else. Such as, "Yes, I know what you mean. I really have to get my snow tires put on before next week." Yet he thinks nothing of talking to me when I'm on the phone with someone, or calling me to come talk to him when he's in the shower about something urgent, such as, "Have you seen my new white T-shirt?"

    Sad that men Down Under are the same as men Up Over.

  11. Congrats about the new camera! Looks like it takes some great piccies

    As for Cindy said..its a built in nong the fact that they never really grow up...


  12. Lovely pics - I've had an A70 from when Canon first released them, and love it (though I secretly yearn for a digital 35mm !).


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