A Cool Yule

G'day all!

Thank you all for your concern about the fires and the ongoing dry weather here.

I would like to thank at least one of my readers' gods, maybe more, cos this is what happened on Friday:

and this was heading for us this evening:

Hooray! It is cold. Only 10 degrees C here. That is cold for December. Very cold. It is on average 13 degrees minimum overnight and 25 during the day (and recently we've had a couple of overnight temps that are 20 or so). (For those in the fahrenheit era, that is about 78 during the day and hmm say 55-60 overnight). We usually get about 50-60mm of rain every month, a little more in winter, a little less in summer but rainfall used to be reliable here. Ha!

Here's the weather forecast:
Melbourne Forecast
Issued at 4:05 pm EDT on Sunday 24 December 2006

Warning Summary

Forecast for Sunday evening
Cloudy with showers. Fresh colder southwest wind.

Precis: Showers. Windy.

Forecast for Monday
Mostly cloudy with showers and local hail. Fresh to strong and gusty southwest
to southerly wind .

Precis: Showers, local hail. Windy.
City: Min 8 Max 16
UV Index: 12 [Extreme] decreasing to 9 [Very high] under cloud.

Tuesday A few showers. Min 9 Max 19
Wednesday Shower or two. Min 11 Max 19
Thursday Morning drizzle then fine. Min 12 Max 20

After that it gets fine and warm again.

Many thanks for sending us rain and I hope those of you that want snow for Christmas get it. Our alpine areas (including those threatened by bushfires) are forecast to get snow for Christmas! Imagine that!

The knitting has continued apace, though I admit it has slowed down a little. My forearms are starting to dob on me and whinge about being overused. I have to knit half of one small Fetching yet, and then knit my FiL a pair cos I am not sure that 30 pictures of trains on a CD is a good enough present. I have found a great yarn for the male fetchings (an italian yarn whose label didn't come home with me) and if you do them on a 5mm needle with the aran weight yarn, they come up a treat and big enough for male hands, especially if you don't do the cable around the top of them and to speed them up even more, just a cast off/cast on hole for the thumbs.

Hmm, time for beddy byes. It is actually Christmas Day here as I finish this up. I've had a lovely evening screeching along to the Christmas carols - I will insist on singing the descants even though I am not really a soprano (then again I do usually hit the notes even if they are not entirely pleasant).

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. May you get as good as you give :-) Celebrate it in the way you prefer best - I'm off to the aunt-in-law for Christmas lunch and then a sister's for Christmas dinner. I'll be positively rolling by the time we get home, but hopefully not like the cats:

Be of good cheer - after all Christmas comes only once a year (so glad of that cos the knitting to deadlines is killing me - why do you think I am up so late? ;-)



  1. Merry Christmas! I am so glad it rained...I was worried. I know when we've got fires and smoke here, and it finally rains, you never thought you could be so happy for crappy weather!

    Those kitties are darling :) Eat too much and have a long nap!


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