Bye bye burkey

G'day all1

Well what a sad day it is in my household. The last show of Burke's Backyard screened tonight. It has been part of my life for over 17 years. OK, so Don Burke is probably at least partly to blame for the 1990s proliferation of front yards that consisted of a weeping silver birch as a specimen "tree", a pathway lined by miniature English box hedges and standard Iceberg roses, then feature paving or white pebbling. Ick. I forgive him. After all his own garden is very relaxed and very Australian. And he has written a book about it that I am itching to buy but it seems to be Nathan's turn to spend our money at present.

However, on a good note, the baby bottoms are nearly sewn up. They are rather amusing, being mint and creamy white stripes. Pics when it cools down - the mercury reached 36 today and I am still trying to cool this end of the house down. I can't be stuffed making the effort of finding a clean bit of floor. Then I have to steam/block the jacket, sew up the shoulder sleeves so I can do the neckband and then sew it together. Voila! Done! Almost....

I've been having fun with my teensiest spindle. It is a bit wobbly but I am spinning yarn on it that is like mediumly thick sewing thread. It is quite amazing. I have noooo idea what I will use it for. Even after plying it will probably only be laceweight. Maybe I should start spinning on a bigger spindle....

Here's a pic of Nathan in some rainforest last weekend. That is a Nothofagus cunninghamii or southern beech he is standing under. Such fabulous plants. Great rich red wood in some too :-) Tree ferns all around. He didn't get any leeches on him either.


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