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G'day all!

Over the last few days much of my knitting effort has been aimed at sock knitting, especially my lovely new sock in progress - teal, green and navy marl. It is taking longer than the last ones - i don't know if that is a factor of the cotton/wool/polyamide mix or the 0.5mm difference in needles or what.

One thing fascinates me about knitting with double pointed needles. They offer so many opportunities to poke oneself in various parts of the body, particularly the eye. (Reminds me muchly of Flanders and Swann's "Design for Living" - "I'm delirious about our new cooker fitment with the eye-level grill. This means that without my having to bend down the hot fat can squirt straight into my eye!")

The possibilities are ENDLESS! I wear glasses for most of the day - blind as a bat without them - but if I decide to indulge in a little sock knitting in bed... oh dear! No glasses, so I bring the knitting closer to my face, which provides even more opportunity for me to skewer an eyeball or two! I watch the needles waving madly a centimetre or two from my nose - almost hypnotic! Nathan rolls over and the danger level rises. Will he bump my arm or my knitting just so?

Here's your rose for today's post:
Abe Darby
Abraham Darby, I think. Certainly an Austin.



  1. Anonymous3:46 am

    Thanks for your comment, it really helps me to keep writing. Someday I'll get to knitting, someday!


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