Fibrey goodness

G'day all!

What a full on weekend! Shopping (nearly $100 of fruit and vegies! Eek! But the organic shop took a far whack of that!), front end alignment of my baby (car), a trip through the Yarra Ranges, which was pretty fab I must say, even though I was attacked by two BLOOD SUCKING LEECHES! Silly beggars, they just looped up my leg looking for a good spot instead of hunkering down for a feed. I would've (note the correct grammar there - would have not would of!) not even noticed them if I had not felt somethings sorta cold and squidgy squirming up my leg.

Almost best of all, well certainly bbest of all for ongoing entertainment value was my trip to the Handweavers and Spinners' Guild of Victoria. Most excellent! Too many pretty spinning supplies. I went there cos I needed a pair of carders for my alpaca fleece. The dog brushes I bought were just toooo small - they only have brushes about the size of my palm (large woman's hand) and the wires were extra sharp and pointy, causing several nasty skewerings (yes, I had a tetanus shot last year, against doctor's advice cos they said I didn't need one. Ha!)

So I have some lovely student carders:
slightly used carders

Darn good price I believe too - $48.50 for the pair.

And here is some of the carded alpaca on my new spindle, made by yours truly from a toy wheel, a Tas oak dowel and a little ingenuity.
fuzzy alpaca wool spinning

Only problem was the fibre that managed to fly out of baskets into my arms:

soft fuzzy bright goodness

The 50 gram disc of amazingly lurid merino in orange, pink and yellow, which I am already starting to spin up cos it was soooo pretty.

sparkly black goodness

The silvery black mix of merino, alpaca and silk - not normally my colours at all but I thought it would be good and manly for someone.

multi_coloured goodness

The multicoloured merino silk that will match, within reason, my first serious lot of spinning - hopefully I'll be able to finish off a tote bag with this lot, eventually.

yummy icream fibrey goodness

The berry good mix of raspberry and blueberry merino and silk that I thought could eventually be a good present for my MiL next Mother's Day. After I've spun it and made something fab out it of course!

Heh. This quiz amused me. I am the Brute Squad!


Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti


  1. I found your blog by surfing around the Aussie/NZ knit blog ring. I loved your post on Remembrance Day! My husband's grandad fought in Gallipoli too. Thanks for sharing.


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