finished objects, almost

G'day all!

It is over a week since I blogged. How bad of me! But it was a very busy week, what with being out two nights (including an SnB) and then having to deal with Nathan who seems to have pulled out of his flat spot, then a parental BBQ.

I've got some finished objects to show peoples. Yes indeedy! OK, one isn't really finished but I only have about thirty ends to weave in properly - and thought I had woven in at least half as I went along! Ack!

So here is the evil top of many loose ends:
oo la la top of many loose ends

It is made out of Merino Supreme. I dyed the magenta and purple myself and am very pleased with the variegated (or as a shop spelt it varragated!) effect. It is very flattering and makes my bust look enormous, or maybe that is just the camera and lighting. It isn't anywhere near that impressive, honest. My front porch, that is. Annoyingly, my skin gets slightly irritated by the neck and arm bands.

Then there is the cotton top that I ended up having to put beads in the eyelets - it seemed to have more eyelets than material when I tried it on....
first cotton tank

This is just some Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton. Bought cheap out of their backroom. Funny that they do cotton since they are a true woollen mill. Again, it is a fitted top and makes my boosage look quite impressive. The next one I make I'll make a bit longer waisted cos I need the extra length - it is belly button skimming and I want a little further down than that. Maybe I'll do a fancy edge on it or something if I ever get my hands on a good book.

Then there is this - an almost finished object.
do not adjust your monitor

Lurid isn't it - do not adjust your monitor! The yarn is very bright and I thought I needed to put it on one of my most lurid plants - a Geraldton Wax (chaemelucium but i think I've misspelt it), one of my very favourite flowers. We saw Geraldton Waxes in the wild about 100km north of Perth, but I think they may be a bit weedy there. They were all over the coastline. Obviously they tolerate poor soils and salinity pretty well.

There's a small problem - where is the heel? I've decided to do an afterthought heel and see how that goes. look ma no heel

The second sock is already started - I only started knitting these socks in earnest on Friday morning (I was crook and sock knitting seemed excellent). I am using Wendy's toe up sock pattern for the toe and will use Jill Schaefer's afterthought heel for the heel.

I love what is written on the socken labelen goodness label of the sock yarn - machine washable, ?guaranteed filz free (pill free?) and extra strapazierfahig. Man that extra strapazierfahig just makes it all the more special for me! Plus this "German" sock yarn is made in Italy is is Lana Grossa, which my very poor latin suggests means gross or big wool.

Here's your quiz - who is your Star Wars twin. My results, with nathan as my other are here. I am particularly pleased with being as organised as Han Solo and as sociable as a Wampa :-) LOL. Nathan is as neurotic as a Tusken Raider. LOL. I've done the test three times and gotten slightly different results each time.

Finally, my current favourite rose - Austrian Copper, of the R. foetida group. I love the overly heavy scent. Others don't, hence Rosa foetida.

Well that is your bloomin' lot for the moment, so enjoy!


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