Birthday girl

Well it is not such a good day today. Looks like the American people have voted for blasted Bush. Like how STUPID are these people? Can't they see the damage his administration has done to the USA? And the rest of the world?


So the birthday girl is grumpy cos it is bad enough having an Australia full of idjits - we are nothing on the world scale. International bully boy America has voted Dubya back in. And if I go to the US, I will be treated like a common criminal upon entry - I have to be finger printed! Why? Cos I want to enter the USA and I might commit some crime or become a terrorist. As if! Do they think I want to be stuck in the USA on a permanent basis in some blasted jail or worse when I have my lovely Australia to live in? Hellooooo!

I did get some nice presents. Nathan carefully wrapped up the gifts I bought myself yesterday (guess who forgot his wallet?), well if you count carefully as being he couldn't find the sticky tape (of which there are countless rolls scattered around the house) so he just scrunched the paper up at the ends in the hope that would hold it together. He proudly stated that he had removed the price tags, as if I didn't know how much they had cost cos I picked them out and paid for them.... Then when I "unwrapped" them what is the first thing I saw? All the price stickers on the FRONT of them.

Nathan also proudly states that he hasn't a romantic bone in his body. It is true, all true. He did try today but really.... So I now have the soundtracks for The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers (already had RotK), the new Cecelia Dart Thornton book and the book You are what you eat, not that I wanted it particularly but I thought it would be handy for Nathan.

I think I'll hop onto Amazon and order me some more books. Can't get them here in Oz or they are more than double the price they are in the USA. That seems like a bit of a scam to me.

Elspeth sent me a lovely square gold brooch of a couple of Celtic dogs intertwined around each other. And the most bizarre card of an octopus made out of a banana peel. It is truly odd and inspiring. I think I shall stick it up somewhere where I see it a lot.

Did yoga for the first time tonight. I think I am going to be very sore tomorrow. Nathan is going to be very sore very soon if he doesn't get off his butt and make me my birthday dinner!

So my birthday this year is going to be pretty average. No romancing, only yoga, probably cooking my own dinner, and Dubya is going to remain president of the most powerful country in the world. Sigh.



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