once upon a time

There once was a blogger called Lynne. Lynne liked doing knitting and playing with yarn and spinning stuff. But Lynne was a very bad blogger who didn't get the shots she wanted of her creations, so she talked about them instead.

Not so long ago, in a not very distant at all land, Lynne started making herself a new hat to replace the hat she had made that was a little small. She thought it was a very funky hat, rather similar to the one on Marnie's website (check out her free patterns) but it was too small and hurt her head when she wore her glasses (necessary for Lynnes to see beyond their own noses, which may be on the larger side but are not that big).

Then Lynne could not find the second ball of yarn she had bought especially to make the new hat. Nowhere could it be seen at all. So Lynne had to make the long haul from the edge of the city to the centre of town in one of her lunchbreaks to buy some more yarn from the only place in town that stocks it.

Lynne's mother in law sent home a picture that was their wedding present to us. In the bag, Lynne found something very interesting. She found that she had already started knitting the hat at her parents' in law place and had stowed the knitting in the bag with the painting.... so now Lynne had half a knitted hat and half of another hat knitted to a variation of the pattern, and neither the twain shall meet.....

So Lynne kept knitting on the second, now third hat and made herself a very nice new hat:
new funky hat in Ragamuffin. Note that Lynne was not wearing glasses when modelling the hat - be glad you cannot see all the photos that looked fine until Lynne put her glasses back on and realised it was not just her fuzzy eyes at fault.

The hat is knitted out of Paton's Ragamuffin, sadly discontinued, another synthetic yarn that can be a pain in the rear area to knit cos it will split madly given a chance but it looks like an abstract stained glass window and Lynne loves it!


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