waiting waiting waiting v2

G'day all!

Currently, life seems to be rushing off to appointments interspersed with great periods of nothingness. Admittedly in the nothingness I am doing things like visiting our house and doing weeding and planning and stuff, harrassing the cats, or knitting

(Showing longer brim on back of hat)

(Sock now completed, second sock started)




or reading up on stuff, but I am still in a holding pattern.

This time next week we will be back in our own place and getting established there again, learning what the cats' habits are now (and they will have to get used to us again!), finding out what we need to buy, etc etc.

I went and saw the head of the study I am a participant in. I signed myself up then discovered that I have another week of heavy duty testing to go through before I can start chemo. Blood tests, gated heart pool study, 12 lead ECG, PET scan, MRI scan, umm what are the other things? More, more, more! Some of the tests are necessary for the chemo, some are for the study. But I don't have any of the scans booked in yet cos the nurse who does that is not in until Monday. I want my chemo, dangit! (I don't want the side effects mind but I want my chemo!)

Waiting waiting waiting.

My first chemo cap that I am happy with reminded me of something.


I really hate seeing my forehead. Like really really really. Given I'm likely to be bald, I'll be seeing it a lot. (No, there is no point saying it is fine, you look fine, I don't feel like I look fine. Nothing to do with what others see, everything to do with what I see.) So that will be a challenge! And yes I can get a wig but I know very few people who have found their wigs are tolerable for very long and certainly not for a whole day.

In the meantime, life goes on. Tomorrow is my BiL's engagement party. Monday Nathan and a friend are ripping carpets up and I am taking our little car on loan off to get a leaky radiator hose fixed (it has a 750mL/25km water habit). Later this week, I have some fleece washing to look forward to (umm, I went to the handweavers and spinner's guild yesterday and wellllll they had some very nice fleeces, including a very pretty half of a spotty grey merino fleece that had some realy long locks in it :-D) and moving back into our house. Yay! Plus more tests, boo hiss!



  1. Lynnie, we missed you at knitting tonight and we're all thinking of you. I know you're going to get through this just fine because you're a tough old bird and the world needs all the knitters it can get. Tell Nathan he's also missed even though half of us never knew what he was talking about most of the time. We're all pulling for you so don't you dare let us down or we'll all get on a plane to Australia and come and steal your stash.


  2. Nice hat!! My friend said her wig was way too hot, she was wearing a hat on the hottest day last week.
    Good luck with your battery of tests, lots of knitting while you wait!!
    Oh such nice spinning, very pretty.
    Good luck wit all the moving in and I hope the cats adjust quickly!!!

  3. Great news on the test results from the previous post! Good luck with all the upcoming tests too. Nice to hear you will be back in your own place very soon.

  4. Yay for getting back in your house, Lynne! That's sure to make you feel more grounded (oooo, a pun!) and settled. The cats will soon be into their old ways, I'm sure.

  5. nice hat...suppose you could always make it longer to cover your forehead (-:

    Glad to hear progress is being made.

  6. Glad you are going to be able to move back to your old house and get comfortable before the chemo starts. The hat looks great on you.


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