Christmas Presents, catchup

G'day all!

I said I'd show off the pretties I got for Christmas, didn't I? I'm still enjoying Christmas, even though it is over a week later.

I'd show you the amazing things DH bought me but umm

see the space above?

That is what he bought me. Why change the habit of a lifetime?

I got a rose from one sister and a houseplant from my brother. We seem to have a bug about plants. My SiL rolled her eyes as three out of four siblings got together and started talking gardening, particularly growing our own food. She grew up on a farm and had to do it for real.

Dreamcatcher sent me a heap of yarn and a lovely little address book (which I promptly did not include in the pics). The address book has botanical prints throughout and is very pretty :-)


In that lot is some bamboo/merino sock yarn, "some" white merino laceweight, some lovely mauve/blue laceweight from the Yarn Yard, and two different lots of Regia sock yarn, one of which I've just started knitting today as my plain jane socks for taking to medical appointments. They won't stay plain jane for long though! I get bored and start adding patterns.

Thank you, Dreamcatcher! I can't wait to knit it all up. It has also expanded the stash I have access to by about half :-)

I've finished my first FO for the year but I think I need to make it a bit longer. It is my first chemo cap. Not that I have started chemo but I think I've finally persuaded DH it is going to happen. I'll need chemo cos I know one of my lymph glands is cancerous - it was the thing that made me go to the doctor's! I've also started accumulating various items of clothing that hopefully will be good. If they aren't, well most of them I bought on deep discount and four tops cost what one at the original price did (and that was not expensive).

I've also worked a bit more on the back of my wonky log cabin quilt. Quilts need a front (the "quilt top"), the batting in the middle and a back. The front is finished. I've bought bamboo/cotton batting. I have two of the three done. I'm making a pieced back. It should be pretty funky when it is done but silly me did something dumb, known as cutting 15" long pieces and then removing the selvedge. Umm. Ooops. Two pieces out of the row are just not long enough. 8-} Dang, now I have to unpick them. Plus the material I bought is not quite the right colour and to top it off, after washing and ironing it, it has very streaky colour. Quite peeving, actually! But today I found three cotton sheets sets (single bed, aka twin bed in the USA) for $7.50! Alas they were all yellow which is NOT my favourite colour but yellow can be overdyed to any number of lovely greens, and green is a colour I *do* like :-)



  1. What lovely yarny presents!!
    I hate doing silly things when I am sewing. And the worst thing is I only have myself to blame!! I used a sheet for my last quilt backing, it worked really well!!

  2. that is surreal, as i have a yellow sheet set in cotton. one sheet and two pillocases went through the wash with a non-colour fast dress and they all turned out a very nice shade of green. but not the final sheet.
    totally. weird.

  3. I laughed when I read about your husband's - er - Christmas non-gift. My husband is just as likely to find some sort of "treasure" from an op-shop/thrift store and present it to me for a gift. I've never minded though, because I believe in recycling and I've never been the type of girl who craves diamonds and pearls. But I remind him often how lucky he is to have such a low maintenance spouse.

  4. Lovely presents. I love finding things in charity shops - it is like being in a treasure trove.

  5. Steve got me the same present... great minds and all that. (Course, I got him the same thing!)

  6. I bought a Stihl BJ56 Blower for Hubby,we ll have a big cement drive soon and I do not want to sweep it...the dealer laughed and asked why was I buying one when I work with them nearly everyday and caught on finally that it might have Hubbys name on it but Ill be using it!!
    Hubby under instruction, bought me a bottle of White Diamonds,well he was supposed to take take the younger sons shopping..solved that by giving older son some money and dropped hints about a couple of beads for my bracelet and off he went with S..and B.. in tow,it was quite funny talking to the jeweley attendants later....
    Thinking of you Lynne with the medical side of things, a similar case here

  7. Nice to know someone else has succumbed to the dark side of sewing - quilting. My m-i-l is a deamon at it and sucked me in, curse her.

    Many strong happy thoughts going out to you right now. Remember people are thinking of you here in Melbourne, okay?

  8. Glad to hear that you received some lovely presents, something to keep your hands and mind busy in the coming months will be good. Thinking of you as you face this challenge and looking forward to hearing you conquer it in your individual way.

  9. Glad the yarn has boosted the "available" stash there ;-) That laceweight, I wound it off the cone, and weighed it, but I swear it's more than 100g and the scales were telling porky pies!

    This non-pressie-giving husband thing is not good, having read the comments it seems all too common. Not good taking people for granted *grump*. I feel very lucky that mine asks me for a list of stuff and makes sure he gets some stuff I wanted, and also some bits and pieces, little surprises. I could send him round for attitude readjustment if ya like ;-)


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