Proof of knitting

G'day all!

Here I display Proof of Knitting!


Yes this almost pair of socks demonstrate that I am still knitting madly, when I can. I knitted most of the heel whilst waiting for my tests yesterday and have zoomed up the leg of the second sock. Only a centimetre of "pattern" to go and then I do the ribbing, weave the ends in and bob's your uncle! Finito!

Hmm, have I blogged the second chemo cap? The blue cotton one that is enormous and covers my head very well (a good thing cos I'm going to be bald as bald can be unless I try cold cap and even then it might not work. Yep they literally put a cold pack on your head to save the hair).

I have to say, the thought of being totally bald, completely naked of hair everywhere is rather intriguing. It is likely to happen with the chemo I'll be on. I don't think I'll look forward to the regrowth though - I get really bad ingrown hairs (which is why I don't wax any bits of me!).

We are going through money like nobody's business at present. We've spent well over $500 on paint for the walls and ceiling, and sanding floors for the house this week and I haven't even started to restock the kitchen. (Our house sitters very generously left us all the food we left behind 2.5 years ago.... thanks, guys! It was like walking into a shrine for the dead or something. Everything was as we left it.) So today or tomorrow I go off to Kmart (not quite as down market as the one in the US) to get various household items (chopping boards, colander/strainer, wooden spoons, cheap body pillow, extra pillows, water filter stuff) and Coles (supermarket) to restock all the basics that one needs for cooking breakfast, lunch and tea. I really hope that Adobe comes through with the money that they are supposed to cos at this rate, we'll have nothing left in a couple of weeks. If it comes to it, I guess we can go claim unemployment/sickness benefits cos we are Australian citizens and these things are available to us.



  1. Great looking socks Lynne :) The neckwarmers you made for us have come *very* much in handy this week!

  2. Lovely socks. Good luck with the renovations.


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