Hooray for a Modest Manor

G'day all!

Our house is ours again.

DH has been busy sanding floors and rubbing sealant into them. The only tung oil we can get locally is liberally doused with petrochemicals and smells quite bad.

We've been up to Bunnings and got some sample paint pots for the bedroom. Green, ranging from almost white, a minty/eucalypty green to a full on LIME! The lime isn't the right colour though, it isn't clean enough and even at 50% is a bit brighter than I want, not the right shade of green. The greenish white is too white. The midway colour is still too grey.

What is it with paint colours being grey these days? So few of the colours are true, clear colours, they are all dull. Dull and dirty looking. I don't want dull and dirty looking. Whoever started the taupe and bone and stone fashion should be shot in my books. (If they were, I'd be peeved because then my books would be covered in blood and possibly unreadable.)

Anyway, when I overpainted the white green with the remains of the lime, I really liked the colour. Typical! Now I have to blend the colours again (after I washed the brush). We are also considering painting the room one colour and overdaubing with swirls of other colours, in which case we should go with a pale green and overpaint it.

Then there is the study, which is a feral rose pink currently with two tone paint around the old-fashioned wardrobes (one of which was given away, one of which is storing some old clothes and a fur in the garage). Yep, they didn't move the wardrobes when they repainted. I am thinking butter yellow for that one, not too bright though. Oh butter means a pale yellow in the US (did we have many discussions about that!), what we Aussies would call lemon. To me a butter yellow is a bright, strong yellow, not acid like lemons, more the colour of pale egg yolks (not good orangey egg yolks). Maybe the colour of a butter cake?

(DH's opinion? As long as it isn't pink, mauve or dull, he loves all colours. Particularly orange but that is not a good colour for a bedroom! And I don't like orange for walls. Sunrises and sunsets, yes.)

We want to get the rest of the sanding and the wall painting done before the weekend. We can't sand at the same time as painting cos the wood dust gets EVERYWHERE and I'm not having it *in* my newly painted wall. Wood dust is brown, like wood, and that is a colour I am trying to avoid. I've ordered the floor sealant from a place in NSW. It is tung oil mixed with orange oil. It will stink but I tolerate it a lot better than I tolerate petrol (which is effectively what the other tung was dissolved in). We might need to put a runner (not that we have one) in the hallway for the nonce as there is no avoiding walking there. One has to to get from the front room to the kitchen or the bedroom to the bathroom (or any other part of the house, like the loo, which is at the other end past the laundry).

So we have a couple of days to do stuff, except... I have lots of medical tests on Friday I believe. Some of which will hurt. Whoops, forgot about that. Hmm, have to see if we can get the bedroom painted tomorrow so that we can get all our stuff back in there by the weekend (thereby allowing the loungeroom to be emptied so that we can rip up that carpet too if we wish).

Gosh, so much to do, so little time. So why did I spend most of the evening with my head in a book?



  1. So glad you are back in the manse. It should make life a little more comfortable.

  2. I agree about the colours, I like clear colours too, none of the bland taupe and beige for me!! Happy ReHouse!!!

  3. Love the whole debate on colours for rooms, it always leads to interesting discussions about what goes best with what and what NOT to have in the bedroom! Best Wishes for the tests which are of course in progress today, hope all goes/went well.

  4. Hope you're enjoying being back in your nest tonight, and not too sore from today's tests.

    Well, not too sore to knit, anyway :)

  5. Ooh now I love pale yellow on walls! Would never have thought of it but last house's large hall/stairs/landing had been done in a subtly striped yellow paper. It looked amazing and really brightened the place up without being garish. We had the hall in this house painted a pale yellow, by bizarre coincidence it also matches the kitchen cabinets (same store).


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