Urgle thunk!

G'day all!

It's been hot here this week. Today is not quite as hot but is humid instead. OK, 41% humidity is not humid to lots of people but when you are tooling around on a bike, believe me it is plenty enough to make you drip sweat. Not that I sweat of course, being a lady and all and not a horse, but gosh I glow an AWFUL lot!

I thought with my MiL away, I would catch up a bit. Umm nope! It's been Too Hot to do much housework. It's been Too Hot to get out and about much. I thought I would take advantage of my LYS' air con but I couldn't be bothered getting there even on the bike! I have done most of the back of the shop cardi now but I fear I will run out of yarn 2/3 way up the fronts. It all measures to the right size (it's slightly small but when blocked will be right!) so why am I using more yarn than they reckon?


It is pretty but not my colours. The colourway is called wattle though so that sorta makes up for it ("This 'ere's the waddle, symbol of our land, you can stick it in a boddle, you can 'old it in yer 'and. Amen. crackatube" (thanks to Monty Python)).

Today I rode a few miles to get a couple of rental apps in. Hot and sweaty! Then I dropped by the doctors to make and appointment cos I needed more pill script and they wouldn't let me have more without a pap smear. Grrr! Blackmailed into the uncomfortable and undignified pap smear. It better be clear again - always has been before. So they did it on the spot, if on the spot means sitting with a paper top and a paper blanket for half an hour whilst the nurse wanders in and out and then someone who is either a nurse practitioner or a doctor wandered in. Gosh I hate pap smears and the indignities that go with them (full exam this time!). Just as well that I had a sock to knit on! otherwise I would've fanged on someone.

Something that I have become aware of since moving to the States is how many people claim to have ADD here. It is considered abnormal to be a butterfly and sip from many flowers. I know some people need their speed so they can slow down but I didn't think that there was anything wrong with being a fidgeter. I've fidgeted all my life. As a child, I can remember wriggling like a worm if I had to sit still for a while without something to occupy me. If I don't have Something To Do I get antsy. I fiddle with stuff. As I am typing and reading over what I've written, my toes are wriggling. I thought it was normal. Apparently that means I have ADD. But I've always been able to knuckle down to a task (unless it is something I don't like doing and don't see the point of doing). I can focus on something to the exclusion of all other things. I can move from task to task and get it all done (though an outsider would probably just see chaos cos I don't necessarily do things systematically). Maybe it is just that people here like to have a label. Being labelled is something I prefer not to have happen to me cos most of the labels I was given as a child were rather unkind. But I am happy to give myself labels that others might find perjorative. The difference is that I don't see anything wrong with being a geek, a nerd or a dork. Most of the geeks, nerds and dorks I know are good and decent people. It is the "normal" people who I find are more often unkind and impolite.

Egads, what a rambling rant. I think it might be time for me to do another load of washing and clean the lounge/kitchen. Then I only need to remake the beds and everything will be ready for the return of my MiL and AiL. Hooray!



  1. Don't let people label you, here or anywhere! I was just talking to someone about ADD, with regards to kids, and how over diagnosed it is now.

    Definitely, yes some kids and people have this illness and I am glad it can be helped, but it seems like some people think everyone has it!

  2. I don't think you have ADD - it's a load of nonsense! I like to have something on the go or I'll be bored. I'm knitting, reading blogs and watching the Tour de France all at once :)

  3. 20 years ago it was all 'food additives are causing problems..' and I do think that parenting skills have slipped too!!! Not saying that ADHD isn't real, I just don't think that soooo many people have it.
    Nice knitting but I agree: it is weird you are using more than the pattern says. Hoping it will be cooler soon!! It's so nice and cold and RAINING here!!!

  4. "some people need their speed so they can slow down"

    This is a good line and for me it's totally true. I believe all knitters are fidgeters, too. My daughter is very busy (but not ADD) and I'm saddened that at school (third grade) they are working hard to keep her from fidgeting so as not to distract the other students. I feel like she'd pay better attention to the teacher if her hands were allowed to work off some of that nervous energy. They teach her to sit on her hands so she can't twiddle, but I'd rather she could so something with them and channel that twitchiness. I'd go crazy.


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