My weekend

G'day all!

Another quickie (lucky you!) before we choof off to SF tomorrow.

Locals will be able to guess where we went from the pics, but any other takers?

We saw many pretties:






We pedalled a surrey with a fringe on the top! It is hard work - the pedals are too close and we had a heavy load on board.

We drove along the coast and saw more pretties

(Sitting like a shag on a rock - oh gosh, they are! Someone will now tell me that they are cormorants but close enough!)


a very lonely tree - I don't know what it did to deserve sitting on its own rock...

I got lots of knitting done whilst people ate or whilst waiting for meals. I was very pleased :-) I got to drive lots too, less pleased cos it was in traffic and I had to keep finding car parks with a car whose size was undefinably large. That is the problem with driving different cars - you never really get to know just one. This was a Dodge Charger. It was very drony - apparently that sounds good but I thought it sounded winded - like it needed to breathe more easily or something. At least it didn't lock my mother in law in the back unless we hit the unlock button... (child locks were off but the previous car just didn't want to let anyone out!).



  1. I've wanted to try those Surreys in Monterey with the boys - but at least the boys are a small cargo. I would have thought with all the cycling you and N do it would have been no problem.... although it does not look like much legroom for a tall guy!

  2. I love seahorses! I could watch them for hours at the aquarium!


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