Mr Brain has left the building

G'day all!

Yes, it is true, Mr Brain has left the building. I've managed to burn dinner black two nights in a row whilst being distracted with knitting and web browsing. I've been feeling a little discombobulated since the in-laws left on Friday arvo. I think I could even say I feel sad! It was very odd (and crowded) to have people sharing our space but it was nice too, cos I had someone to talk to, and someone other than Nathan talking at me (though quite often Nathan doesn't talk much to me because he talked himself out of verbal words at work and has nothing left in the tank). I think it means that I am lonely.

Funny, isn't it, being surrounded by people - there's about 20 people within 20m of where I am sitting at the moment - yet being lonely because those people aren't known to you. In another month and a bit, Nathan is flying off to Oz on business, then NZ and then to Sao Paolo in Brazil, and returning to SJ (hopefully with a stop off at a very intriguing place). He'll be away for three weeks or so. If I was Back 'Ome, those three weeks would be fine. I could putter in the garden, play with the cats, visit friends, I'd be working, I'd have various forms of entertainment. But I am not Back 'Ome and I don't have the numerous happy diversions available to me. I could go sit in my LYS for half the day. I could spin a lot of yarn. I could dye more yarn. I could find out where the pivcs of the yarn I dyed and left in Oz are and get them online but given that my friends don't know who has which yarn... I could go ride the light rail around the place. I could even take the train to SF and go ride around on the cable cars again (FUN!). Then at the end of the day I could go home, eat leftovers and hope that Nathan gets online during my evening so that I am not totally by myself.

So if Nathan's trip comes through, I am travelling as well. Guess where I want most to go?

Hmm, better go make sure dinner is not going black again.



  1. I think a visit back home is a perfect idea. Being homesick is an occupational hazard for an ex-pat - but it does not make it easier to bear. I can understand being lonely too - even if you meet people easily, it can take a long time for them to become friends - especially when you move to a new country 'later' in life. (Speaking from my experience here!).

    I understand I missed you at Lambtown too...I missed everyone...but we had a great time!

  2. Ick! I am so sorry to hear that! I can imagine it would be easy to feel that way away from the comforts of "home". Do you want to go to Oz with N?

  3. I understand how you feel. Hope you manage to get home for a visit.

  4. Home? I think it would be a wonderful idea. I hate being left behind for even a few days.


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