G'day all!

I am so proud of myself! I finished TWO items on one day! (That was yesterday.) But in my usual dumbo way, I forgot to take pics. One is the shop model of a Nashua Handknits top - verra pretty, if yellow, and the other is a little top down (almost) all continental knitted bolero in Wick by K1C2.

So pics will have to wait, for tomorrow we move! If any locals just love lugging stuff to a U-Haul truck, I know someone who would love the help, LOL. Our new apartment is a one bedroom, so any visitors will have to put up with either sleeping on a (very comfy according to my MiL) airbed in the loungeroom or going to the local motels (2 within 5 minutes walk). I think we will need some extra shelving cos the wardrobes only have one shelf and the clothes hanger pole, plus we have one less cupboard = where do I put the linen and towels? (Isn't it funny how we say linen when none of us have slept on linen sheet ever? Its all cotton, poly cotton (ICK!), even bamboo and stuff now.)

Time to go pack some more boxes. This is the umm, fifth time we have moved in the last 13 months. You would think I'd have a good handle on it by now. But I haven't. You also wouldn't think we are moving from the appearance of the loungeroom - it is its usual mess. Other places are messy too but that is because they are accumulating boxes and packing material in various states of preparedness (a neighbour moved in six weeks ago and we got most of his boxes and packing materials - we have more bubble wrap that I've ever seen in my life! There's whole weeks or even months of popping fun!! (oops, first typed pooping fun but that is a whole different thang...)



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