G'day all!

Well not such a good day. I regularly move money home to pay the mortgage. Look what happened with the most recent transfer:

Transaction Amount
Receiving: 996.93 Australian Dollars
Sending: 1000.00 US Dollars
Service Fee: 4.99 US Dollars

Holy cow!!

This is SO not good news for us! We moved here when one Oz dollar bought USD0.85 (85 US cents). Now? They are on par! Dangit. I'll have to pull my finger out and find a real job. (Must send resume to recruiter at DH's work...)

Thanks for the commiserations! Yep with any luck I'll be winging my way home for a visit. Of course now that I've announced it, it won't happen. We'll see!

Still knitting this shop sample. It is taking FOREVER! I only have 15cm of the fronts to go (plus the neck band and the front bands) but I seem to be in that no man's land of knitting frantically and not making much progress (even though I can see I have made progress cos I cast off the armpits this morning). There is a lot of ribbing, lace and the odd "cable" and then the front shoulders don't have enough stitches to do the pattern all the way across. It is sucking all my knitting time. No I don't have *that* much knitting time cos we are moving on Friday (ack! Eeek! Must pack more stuff and clean more here!). We are moving next door. LOL The most annoying part of going next door is that we will still need a U-Haul to get stuff there - I can't put large stuff in the bike trailer.

Must keep wriggling. And must set up new renter's insurance and the new gas/power account.



  1. The dollar has been slowly creeping up (ours not theirs!!)
    How exciting,. a visit home!!!!
    Hope the cardi sorts itself out!!

  2. Good luck with your move. Everything has gone up here which is horrible. Luckily, I enlarged my stash somewhat last year so I won't run out of sock yarn any time soon.


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