Things that have amused me recently...

G'day all!

Mmmmm, spinning


Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sheep to Shoe, though not yet socked/shoed. It is darker but to show the colours off I had to photograph it in the sun.


This is one of the Raven series but I threw the label out without thinking...

A story about William Shatner in my old local newspaper. The link will die sooner or later...

An esoteric story (for most of you) about the top 50 Australian albums of the last 50 years. I'm an Aussie and there are bands I've never heard of in there....

An interview with jms (don't read if you don't know who he is).

A freaky life mask of Andreas Katsulas/G'Kar. Freaky cos as always with life masks, you expect the eyes to open and the mouth to start talking... even though it is a copy of a person who is now dead.

A pretty sunset from about two weeks ago, before the smoke set in.

NorCal has been having terrible bushfires. Lots of places have been burning and it isn't really fire season yet. (We come from a bushfire prone part of Oz, so we grok bushfires to some extent.) The Bay area has been totally smoked in, except yesterday when the winds blew in just the right direction. It's been awful cos smoke is horrid and the amount of smoke = BAD! I get asthmatic from smoke but have been riding anyway cos hello! If I don't, we don't eat. Also I get cabin fever and go mad(der) if I stay home for more than a day.

A friend sent a link to this Book of Accidents: Designed for Young Children. Holy Mary Mother of God! They used to "entertain" children with this stuff?

A man after my own heart (and he is a prince too!). Caution - it talks about the T-word a LOT. (That would be that filthy filthy word, at least in American eyes (let's make that "American sensibilities" cos even I admit it would not be pleasant in your eyes), that word much worse than all the disgusting swear words you can think of that many Americans use quite happily all day long, yes I mean the word TOILET! Why isn't that a swear word? Really, you would think it is from the way so many Yankees cringe when one says it...)

Goodness me, another critical update wants to be downloaded. That would be the fourth one in the last week or so. I feel like I am running Windows not Ubuntu (linux). At least they are looking after us...



  1. I thought the whole restroom thing was a bit odd, too.

    That yarn looks great :)

  2. Loved the Shatner story, I read it before so I feel quite Shatner au fait!!! Yes, I am puzzled by the whole t**l*t thing too!!! Oh JMS, I'm off to read that!!!!

  3. Karen S9:14 am

    Ah, the list of top 50 albums ... I'm on the edge of the business, and there's bands I've never heard of either, let alone heard, LOL. Someone in the on-line comments was complaining about all the bands that anyone under 40 had never heard of - was tempted to answer that they must all belong to the 80s, because I'm over 60, and 'missed' the 80s. You're in the 40 to 60 bracket, so the sum of all that means that the lists are made up of bands that no-one's ever heard of!!!!!!!!

    BTW, the late unlamented mother did always used to say "Visitors, like fish, go off in 3 days". Just remember that, when the rellies get close to the "will I murder them now, or leave it till after dinner" stage, and despatch them off to somewhere else, preferably on the East Coast ...


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