Thank heavens Taos wool festival is "small"

G'day all!

Just driven to Taos and back. It was a bit of a drive but we enjoyed it!

Thank heavens the wool festival is "small" and well populated by alpaca (which I can't handle due to weird allergy stuff). Otherwise I would've blown the budget for the rest of the week, not just the weekend budget! I really like eating so just as well I didn't buy more!

Can't show you pics of the new stash, well not yet as I have not taken any. I didn't buy one skein of yarn - I figure I have plenty of yarn and prefer to make my own if I can. I did buy fleece. Mmmmm, lovely pretty fleece.... roll around in fleece.... I now have enough fleece to keep me quite busy for the next while. Oops :-)

Back when I am not feeling cross-eyed and wobbly legged from driving on and off (mostly on) since 10am.



  1. Sounds brilliant - I'm looking forward to seeing your photos!!


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