G'day all!

I while ago I had to join Flickr (I'm natiel3) so I could upload pics to Ravelry (where I'm yarnivorous). I've been putting more and more stuff onto Flickr, though I still use our server for blog pics. I figure that having two different servers acting as backup for my pics on my hard disk is probably a good idea.

Anyway, I've been trawling around Flickr and came across various "partners" like Blurb. You can make books with Blurb. I seriously want to make a book of yarn p0rn and one of our pics from our travels, such has they have been, in Colorado.

Blurb's bookmaking software is only available for Windoze and MacOs. Dangit!

Anyone know of other bookmaking software? Particularly anything Linux-compatible?

Speaking of yarn porn, here's some I bought recently

Fleece Artist Sonoma. It arrived in the yarn shop on the afternoon of the weekly knitty gathering and I saw it and grabbed it and walked around the shop with it for half an hour trying to persuade myself to put it down.


Plus I got a nice new skein of (mumble mumble) to replace the one that had problems in the carding, only they sent me one that was dull brown and blue. I like blue but the skein did not exactly sing to me. I was allowed to swap it at my lovely LYS for something much nicer!

I should show the fleece I bought too. It is LUSH! CVM/rambouillet. Mmmm-mmm! Soon, soon my pretties!

Only two sleeps before we take off for Taos! Hooray! The weather is going to be the worst we've had this fall. Should be interesting! And I still have not finished the two jackets I am making - I'm nowhere near done. Eeek!



  1. I recommend Lulu or Cafepress if you want to print a book for yourself. I'm in the process of making one on Lulu for myself right now, actually. :)

  2. Oooh fun :) That yarn is lovely!

  3. Oh what pretty yarn! No suggestions on self publishing but I like the idea.

  4. Ohhh!!! nice swap alright!!!!


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