Kauni question

G'day all!

Here's a question for all those who have got Kauni yarn and/or made a cardi from it.

How soft is the yarn? Y'see with my hoped for tax return, I want to buy me some Kauni yarn for my birthday. However, I am one of these people who has difficulty wearing the softest, finest merino next to my skin. Anything the slightest bit prickly has to be worn over two layers, not just one.

Anyone got a little bit (of Kauni) they could send me? Just offcuts/scraps? I am one of those people who gets an idea of how wearable a yarn is by rubbing it against my neck. My neck will prickle to most wools, especially if I am sweaty. Too much information?

I have a small FO to show off, when I get organised and get pics of it. It is nice and warm. Mmmmm. Warm.

I've spend the last two afternoons riding around Fort Collins with the bike trailer hitched up, buying LOTS of groceries. I sorta went berserk yesterday at Vitamin Cottage cos they have a big range of different gluten free stuff. Then there are so many different sorts of pumpkins here, well Americans call them winter squash, but squash to us are the UFO shaped green or yellow tasteless things, and things like butternuts are called pumpkins in Australia. Pumpkins here are mostly inedible it seems and only used for Halloween decorations (ie carving). Anyway, we will be having LOTS of pumpkin risotto since I keep making chicken stock from the roast chook we have once a week and we have about 5 different pumpkins to try.

Which reminds me. I buy the roasting chicken from Wholefoods cos they say their "frier" chickens are not quite certified organic. I figure the less crap put into the chook the better for us (and the environment and the chook, though it doesn't have much say being dead and all). So I look at one of the chooks in the cold cabinet, and holy cow, it says it costs THIRTY-ONE DOLLARS! 31 bucks for a chook? I know Wholefoods is usually called WholePayCheque but really! Then I read the label again and realised that is how much nearly four pounds of a very nice cut of beef would cost. Except this beef is a chicken. And the chicken is $1.99 a pound, not $6.99. Three chooks were mislabelled and any of them were the size I wanted, unlike the correctly labelled ones in the cabinet. I took them to the meat counter and showed the butcher there, who was rather surprised by the cost. "You'd want them to be gold for that price, maybe wear it around your neck!"

I have some projects that I am not quite ready to reveal yet. All very mysterious, all in the fullness of time. Several projects involve sweaters from the goodwill shop and lots of washing. One involves spinning massive amounts (a sweater worth) of shetland yarn. Hopefully the projects will work out as I want them to. If they don't, we'll forget I ever mentioned it.

The shop update is going slowly mainly cos I could not find the pics of the yarns and tops I left Back 'Ome. Turns out they were on Nathan's boss's old laptop which we used for the first month we were here. That would explain why I couldn't find any of our early pictures either. We now have copies of all our pictures. Since I am hoping to stay home tomorrow, being exhausted from riding around at top speed with a heavily laden bike trailer, I might get some pics edited and online. Note that my lovely assistants Back 'ome have to consult with each other to find all the yarn as it is split between two households, so it might take a while to get sent out.

Y'know it is a pity that we only have a bit over two more months here in Fort Collins. I am just starting to lay down some connections and bingo, we'll be moving! However we might be happy to be moving to a warmer climate - SJ is a bit warmer in summer than Melbourne and a bit drier (though not with the drought Melbourne has been suffering). It will be an adventure!



  1. It's not a soft yarn, think Shetland style 2 ply would be a good description. Can send you a small length if you want it, though a US knitter might get it to you quicker ...!

  2. We eat the Halloween pumpkins in pie and bread and such. I think most people carve them, throw them away, and buy canned pumpkin though.

  3. My Kauni is winging its way overseas tome now. I hear it isn't the softest of yarns, with some folk complaining about it itching their fingers on some of the boards. I can send ya a length of it if you wish when I get it.

  4. Donyale10:44 pm

    I too am awaiting mine - but I have also heard that it isn't so soft.

  5. there are actually 2 different types of pumpkin here in the states. teh big, semi-lumpy ones are for jack-o-lanterns. the small, smooth, almost ball-shaped ones with the big stems are pie pumpkins. those are good for cooking.

    you can eat the seeds from either, though. mmmmmmm toasted pumpkin seeds.

    SJ? San Jose? dang, you're moving farther away!


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