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G'day all!

Beautiful weather these last three days. I've been out and about a bit. But that is not what I want to talk about! Actually I don't know what I want to talk about. I have no plan at all.

I've been spinning so much that I could hardly walk up or down the stairs today - I have a double treadle wheel but one leg obviously was taking the strain. I have stuff to destash - even though we've only been here for a little while I have already managed to accumulate stuff I know I won't use in the short or even medium term, so it should move on (eg all the recycled angora yarn that I won't need to use now that we are moving to San Jose, assuming the visas come through). I have an FO I still need to have a photoshoot of. I have an almost FO that I need to frog back to make longer. The Mystery Object is continuing and looks totally bizarre at present. I have to show of my new slipper too - there's only one yet, but the second one will have pics taken of the whole process so you too can make easy warm slippers!

I am making me a couple of lists or three, just so I remember stuff I need/want/don't need. I figure I will put it on the blog cos then I cannot lose the list! So excuse me whilst I put them here.

    Things to buy:
  • electronic kitchen scales
  • hair-dryer
  • crock pot/turkey roaster (for dyeing)
  • crock pot (for making food!)
  • more landscapes dyes (particularly galah, I'm out, and Opal, I'm nearly out)
  • two more bobbins for my little gem wheel
  • a new mattress (husbandly legs literally stick out of end of bed from about mid calf with current mattress, not an issue when it was warm but now an issue)
  • a base for the futon we are currently sleeping on (for the parental units when they visit)
  • more pots (I won't buy them from a thrift or op shop cos they are evil and glutened)
  • another cast iron frying pan/skillet (for the Boy's pancakes)
  • a pie tin (I threw the old cake/pie tin out cos the non-stick coating was coming off on the food - I noticed some stuff was oddly silvery a week ago. Hmmm....)

    Things I want to buy:
  • those really pretty harmony wood needles from KnitPicks
  • lots of yarn and fleece to roll around in and be happy with
  • lots of yarn to dye
  • another fleece from Black Pines Sheep
  • a gazillion knitting books, particularly Joan thingo McGowan's lingerie knits, Fitted Knits, lots of Elizabeth Zimmerman, Annie Modesitt's latest one, oh so many!
  • heaps of magazines
  • heaps of CDs
  • heaps of DVDs

(due to budgetary constraints, want to buys are on the wait until we have money list!)

    Things I don't need to buy for my birthday:
  1. Cat Bordhi's new sock book
  2. two skeins of new to me sock yarn (Araucania and a umm, erp, OnLine supersocke)
I have put those aside so DH can wrap them for me and pretend he was very thoughtful :-)

Oh dear. Time to cook dinner. I am totally out of steam - I've ridden to (or from) HP twice this week and then done the tour around the Other End of town. Will my poor tired overworked leggies manage to hold me up long enough to chop vegies and throw everything into a pot to make some sort of elk-based tomato spag bog sauce?



  1. pixie7:42 am

    Have you looked onto -- especially for the dvds/cds and maybe the futon? It's usually a great source for people shedding themselves of things and others getting things they need. There's a link to Ft. Collins specifically. By the way, I've really enjoyed your blogs and seeing the US through another's eyes. Good luck.

  2. I don't know about you, but I find lists to be really helpful! It looks like you have things prioritized pretty well there!

  3. Hope you have a nice birthday - there is a little something in the mail :)

  4. I couldn't help but notice that You referred to a Futon. If You're looking for a good deal on a Futon Cover, try:


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