Holey blessed scarf

G'day all!

Tuesdays are roast chicken night and knitty group at My Sister Knits. Yep, whilst I am not making it to the SnB at Catalyst on Mondays, I am dragging myself off to MSK on Tuesday nights. Y'see there is the added bonus of lots of yummy yarn there - coffee just doesn't do it for me as I detest anything bitter. I get to see what other people are making - currently lots of little cold weather things. Except for me. I hauled in my pinwheel jacket that I ripped back 10-odd cm the other day. After all, we all need a challenge and finishing TWO jackets in a week when one has 20cm of edging and the other the whole body to knit is a mild challenge....

Anyway, I am sooo glad I took my felted scarf with me. It was a random thing I got in a swap, and it is the bestest thing I got, apart from a sheepy mug. The nights here in Fort Collins are starting to get a little brisk and I am riding my bike in the dark, with lights of course!

(What is it with people who put kiddie trailers on their bikes and ride around IN THE DARK WITHOUT LIGHTS OR EVEN REFLECTORS???? Like HELLO! What are you people trying to do to your kids? Kill them when a car doesn't see you at a crossroads and you fail to stop at the stop sign? Which reminds me, I must get a light for my bike trailer. It only carries groceries and other shopping, or books for the library run)

Does your nose drip in the cold? Mine is like a leaky faucet (I said faucet! Not tap! Though at home I'd say tap). I had my lovely holey (it wasn't well felted) scarf wrapped around my face and voila!, no need for tissues! Hooray! But it might need a wash now. :-( But that will felt it better :-)

(Blogger does not recognise voila! If it recognises wallah I will throttle it. Ack, it does. How about wa-lah? Wallah is the background noise on a movie or tv show though, so hopefully it is not a corruption of the French word. I see too many people here spelling voila in umm, *interesting* ways. Not classy, people! More yokel!)

This random post is brought to you by Staying Up Too Late combined with Very Likely Gluten and/or Casein Imbibing. Something is setting off my gluten/casein whackiness, and I dunno if it is a new pill that is supposed to be ok, or my new favourite dessert, which has been ok until this new packet, or a result of chiropractic making things the "way they should be" and not the way my body wants them to be....

Only a month to my birthday. Less than three to Christmas. I'd best start knitting and spinning frantically to get everything done! (Though I might need to spin yarn before I try knitting it - might be a bit easier when I am making stuff from handfuls of fluff....)



  1. holey scarves, batman!

    sounds like the colorado adventure is going well!

    i was driving home after dark yesterday, around 930, and some idiot child (i'd say hewas 14 or 15) almost rode his reflector-and-lightless bicycle out in front of me. only thing that saved him was awhite t-shirt. what happened to bicycle safety courses in school?

  2. This was definitely one of your wackier posts and I have to say I loved it!

  3. Hehe - but I like it when you're all random ;0


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