Evil BMFA!

G'day all!

I got my latest Socks That Rock club installment yesterday. Can I just say this is the only one this year that I've gone OMG, I MUST knit these socks! Others are nice but these? Already on the needles...

Can I also say that they are evil evil b@stards too?

In the bag with the yarn, I saw a spider. A plastic spider. Yeah yeah, whatever. After all Halloween is coming up and spiders (fake and real) and booglies are everywhere here. (They are trying to find warm places for winter. As long as the spider is not a black widow/katipo/red back, I mostly let them live, or shove them outside.) So I put my hand into the bag to grab the most droolsome yarn, a different spider wriggled in a most life-like way. I nearly hit the roof! LOL

I would show you a picture but I most foolishly upgraded my computer last weekend. I didn't realise that the new version had only been released that day. What a STUPID idea! Whose dumb idea was that? I had hoped it would fix some problems that I have been working around for months now (eg the system recognises the camera but won't download from it for love nor money nor a whole lotta prodding). Anyway, along with my web access being whacky (it looks up a DNS server that doesn't exist and then of course won't crawl the web so ever three hours I have to go change a file under the administrator access) I've now discovered that I am not allowed to write files to my own disk! Files of course include pictures. Now maybe I could go use admin access to write jpegs but really! DH is going to have a fun time fixing my computer when he gets home.

Man, I am soooo underimpressed with this latest release of Ubuntu. Others reckon it is great but I obviously have a whack system and it does not work for me at all.

Anyway, to distract you from the lack of pictures, I give you


Woo hoo!

Keep this link until Tuesday. I think it expresses a thought common to anyone working Monday-Friday.

T. rex and other large dinosaurs were teen mums. It's not just humans that have babies young!

Algae may not only be able to produce biodiesel but a different strain makes hydrogen - fuel cells anyone?

Britain's chief scientist in conversation. He's been pushing the climate change barrow and a code for scientists.

Neanderthals had red-heads too. Alas, the mutation is different to the one seen in H sapiens sapiens, so dangit I don't necessarily have neanderthal blood (my old man was a carrot top).

I am finding some of these jumpers interesting, particularly the snow shadows one.... It is a pity that picture sweaters are not fashionable at present and also that I am not at that age where you don't care any longer if something is fashionable or not. Of course if you saw me dagging around town in a pair of baggy trakky dax (tracksuit pants) with one leg tucked into my handknitted sock (for cycling), an overly large by current standards t-shirt (ie not skin tight), a sloppy top and/or windbreaker you would wonder if I notice fashion at all. I do, vaguely. It isn't that important to me, but I do notice if I am not wearing clothes even remotely like those of the people around me.

Holy guacamole. We have our neighbours demonstrating the massive power of their subwoofer (doof doof doof doof) and across the road the boys with their Subarus are testing them out - they put a new muffler on one yesterday. I think it may be a little quieter - it was just a drainpipe before and the noise! Nope, they've started up the one with the new drainpipe. Ick. Anyway, it is going to drive me mad. I think I shall go for a walk along the creek where it is pretty still. I would show pics but well see the above discussion.



  1. I'm with you. This was the first package of the Rocking Sock Club that I really really really liked! I could have lived without the spiders but thankfully I saw them before Iput my hands in the bag!

  2. Ugh - that is a surprise that I bet you could have done without!

  3. Dear o'me,I hate it when the 'putor misbehaves but then again I double hate it 'cause hubby blames it on my blogging and surfing!


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