Whizzing along

G'day all!

I've been knitting socks again. Yep. Even finished a pair. No pics yet, but I was very pleased with myself cos I finished them and then fixed up the ends and all before I went to bed.

So I started knitting another toe up sock at the LYS knitty gathering two Tuesdays ago cos I had said I would show their sock guru how to start a toe up sock. I carefully chose some expensive sock yarn I had bought from them for the demo sock.

This sock has been whizzing along - so much easier to knit on the Addi turbo circ than on the plastic needles. Whiz whiz whiz.

At the heel turning, I found a little tuft of yarn that sticks out - an end that was not spliced well. Then I found a thicker bit that was not well dyed but I ignored it as much as possible. Then I found another thick bit that was even more poorly dyed and was about as thick as DK. I had to loop that bit out cos it was realllllllly obvious as it was right at the front of the sock. Guess what? Another thick bit that is poorly dyed!

I have emailed the yarn manufacturer and said I am not happy (Jan)! I am underimpressed by the yarn cost vs the quality of what I am getting. The yarn I made Nathan's pullover out of? About 50% of the skeins had knots in them, but crikey, they cost $1 a ball and were pure wool that can be spit-spliced. This stuff is superwash and a bit slippery, and cost 25 of the jumper yarn (plus tax - gadzooks I am getting to hate that plus tax thing). I have different expectations for cheap yarn versus expensive yarn.

Anyway, I will get pics of everything. I'm just lazy today. I haven't been completely well today and I am wondering if it is related to the ants that were in my biscuits, the ants that I didn't notice until late this afternoon? Maybe I had an allergic reaction or something.

Mmm, cake in the oven. Mmmm, chocolate cake. GF and DF. There are lots of interesting looking packet mixes here. Whilst I am an indifferent cook, I am going to have to learn to bake stuff cos I want things like pink lamingtons (sponge type cake rolled in jelly/jello and then in coconut, YUM!) and nice cakes and nice bread. Nice bread is hard to get in the shops here. Back 'ome I could get nice bread from the supermarket. Here they wouldn't know nice bread if they fell over it, it seems. So I have to work out how to make it myself (or does anyone have any recommendations for packet mixes?).



  1. Ouch!! Nothing worse than bad wool, except maybe for ants in your biscuits!! I love red jelly lamingtons!! Yum!!!

  2. As an American, I have been dying to try lamingtons but I don't think any stores near us make them! I do have recipes from my friend in Sydney, but need some time to work them out as I am not an experienced cook. :)

    Please let us know if you hear from the yarn manufacturer. I noticed that a bed set I had bought was very poorly dyed as you described your yarn...they dyed the comforter lint and all, so the extra bits of string took the dye and there are white spots underneath! I knew when I bought it that it was not the most wonderful quality but I had no idea it was that cheaply made, either.

  3. I lament about the poor quality bread every time I shop. Sometimes I make it at home in a bread machine or by hand. Other times I try to find the slightly better bread in the bakery section of the stores. I've never had a lamington before and it sounds like I've been really missing out!!

  4. Hi Lynne!!!
    I think I know what happened to the Vicky,I had the tension firm on the bobbin and in the firmer foot action the rubber joint has pulled out toward the part that eventially broke off so now I have virtually have no tension,just enough to pull the wool in,I think its a desing fault but will wait to see if Louet will help!!!I love checking up your new life its fascinating especilly the drives you take!!!

  5. You're making me hungry!


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