Happy aniversary to us!

G'day all!

Ignore the date on blogger - I still have it set to Oz time, not this time in the past in the USA.

Today is our anniversary! Yep, September 11. Some people think it is really weird, but it is just a day. Three years ago, we got married on the coldest day with the worst weather. Of course we planned an outdoors wedding amongst wildflowers, but had to deal with indoors whilst it sleeted and snowed outside (and sleet/snow is not at all common in Oz outside of alpine areas). (Gadzooks, we don't even have any pics online anymore! Can't link to them! Ah well, DH looks nicer now with a goatee than he did back then. Maybe I should GIMP a beard onto his then beardless face....)

So for our anniversary, we went for a nice little walk, we did some supermarket shopping and I cooked us fish and chips for dinner (with a lot more vegies than fish and chips normally come with). OK, most people go out and do the whole schmoozing thing but we had an oopsie with the money. Plus with my food requirements it gets difficult. So we are having a quiet evening in.

Pics are from a recentish trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. It is a great place to visit!



  1. Donyale1:56 am

    Great Photos Lynne - Love the backdrop - has your hubby got hand knit socks on?

  2. Happy Anniversary!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Great pics! A quiet evening in can be nicer than going out. Glad you had a good day.

  4. Happy Anniversary!! Beautiful pictures! I loved Colorado while I was there, you're definitely lucky!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Looks like you are making the most of your new surroundings - your pictures are gorgeous!

  6. happy anniversary! ours is sunday, and i have no clue as to what we're going to do. i do know the daughter volunteered to take both boys, so we will at least have some quiet time together.

  7. Happy Anniversary! :)

    (our anniversary is on 7/7 so I know how you feel)

    That is a lovely happy photo of you both.

  8. And a happy anniversary from me too. A lovely quiet celebration for an adventurous couple.

  9. Happy anniversary!

  10. Ye Gods, it is 3 years??? I well remember that day, freezing my tits off doing a craft market, and feeling much sympathy when the weatherman reported snow in the Gramps!
    Happy anniversary!!


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