All socks all the time

G'day all!

I'm waaay into socks at present. All socks all the time.

Except I'm currently working on two jackets. LOL

Anyway, let's look at some socks.

This is one of my favouritest ever socks. Honest. It has *everything* Colour and design! I've been testing patterns for bright yarns. That is what inspired the butterfly/bow socks and this new one.

Gosh I like this sock. It is actually a good fit - the lighting in our atrium area was sorta dodgy and makes it look baggy, but it fits like a glove. The yarn is easy to knit with (minus some carding problems) and the sock feels really fluid. I guess that is the seacell in it.

Look at that heel! The gusset increases (this is a toe up sock remember) were inspired by ooh, gotta go check the latest Knitty, ah and the heel is a version of the one Cookie A used on Baudelaire.

The yarn? Sea Wool.
The pattern? My own basic sock pattern, quilting pattern (can be found in Vogue Stitchionary and also Barbara Walker's first treasury of knitting patterns).

Should I write this up for you all to play with?

Oh ages ago, I promised a sock using the dayflower pattern. Well I never did write it up properly, and in the meantime, I've discovered someone beat me to the punch! Please go see Ramona's blog and the knitalong for her campanula for a cure sock. (I am so late advertising this - I just discovered the links in an email that I didn't open as I got swamped by emails from a malfunctioning server about a month ago. Many apologies, Ramona!)

Then I ripped out a Colinette Jitterbug sock that I last knitted any of in March (actually here in Fort Collins in a very nice palestinian restaurant). I could not remember what pattern I was using for it. So I started again.

Jitterbug can be a total PITA for pooling. It seems to be particularly fond of pooling, not simply striping, on my favourite 2.5mm needles and 64 stitches. The colour will remain almost stationary. So I decided to try some of these carrying the yarn in front patterns to see if it moved the pooling along. I could also have changes the number of stitches or the needle size but I want the sock to fit my foot and it does! I also want it to look attractive.

This time I've tried doing the toe increases in the way Turkish socks are made. If you click on the pic to make it big, you might be able to see the increases move away from the centre 8 stitches.

Then I did some butterfly bows to see if they got the pooling moving. Yep! Then there is some quilting, and then just carry the yarn in front over two or three stitches. You can't really see the effect on the top of the sock, but just look at the sole! (toe to the left, short row heel to the right)

I am running a toe up sock class at My Sister Knits in November (assuming we are still here! DH's workplace is undergoing more upheaval). I'll be teaching my cast on (which is not a Turkish one, must go find who inspired it), then any of a number of patterns to help make the best of lurid yarn, and a choice of short rowed heel or the gussetted heel.

But for the nonce? I've got to finish not just one but TWO jackets for Taos next week. More on that later.

(PS back is doing pretty well - the chiro couldn't believe I was the same person at the second visit. Still got weird twinges but I think they are the result of muscles having to work properly for the first time in ages)



  1. Now those sort of socks really do tempt me into trying knitting them. I looove the rainbow ones. Great job with the Jitterbug too, I hear it really is a PITA for pooling.

    Glad the chiro is sorting out your back for you. And hope the upheavals at DH's work don't affect you.

  2. Wow, the socks are gorgeous, and with the second socks, I LOVE pooling!! Glad your back is feeling better and you asre a different person. (Who are you now???!!) Good luck with the class(es)!!!

  3. Those socks are beautiful! Please post the pattern :)

  4. Ooh, I'd love to try that quilted pattern for socks. I have some of your rainbow yarn in stash that would look gorgeous as socks like those.

  5. Gorgeous socks! I've been wanting to try that Sea Wool. I'm working on a pair with jitterbug right now and I've had some pooling. But just one color, strangely. I had 52 sts and US2 needle, I believe (and freakishly slender feet!).

  6. Those quilted socks are amazing in every way - the pattern, the colours, everything.

  7. Those socks are gorgeous! I love the pattern, and the yarn. I would be interested in the pattern.

    Glad your back is feeling better.

  8. Those socks look great, but I'd be afraid to snag those looser quilted stitches on things.

  9. I would love the pattern for the quilted socks, very nice!


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