Just call me frogger....

G'day all!

You know those days when you rip more than you knit? Well I've been having LOTS of them recently!

I cast on for a new jacket. It is going to be verra nice. I am making a jacket rather than a sweater from a pattern I have been eyeing for a long time. Jackets are more useful to me cos I can shed or add them as needed.

So I carefully worked out how many stitches I needed and cast on. Hmm, my needle is a metre long, my hips are a metre around and the knitting is bunched up on the needle. After 20 rows, I pulled the knitting off the needles and discovered that the jacket (including built in "buttonhole" allowance) wrapped 1.5 times around me.

Ah. Back to the drawing board, minus 50 stitches. Lord knows how I miscalculated that so badly! Maybe my gauge is way off as I am doing it on circs and also am doing it combined or continental or something - left handed and as long as the stitches don't twist I am happy!

Then there is the most Beautiful Sock in the World! I've been up to the gusset twice now, but have decided that the pattern was Not Quite Right both times. It is sooooo quick to knit. It is soooo pretty! But I keep stuffing it up, or it is Not Quite Perfect Enough for me (and I am by no means a perfect knitter - I usually prefer to fudge something rather than rip it back five rows.... let alone the 40-something rows I just ripped).

Hmm. Time to go scrub the kitchen floor some more. We have mostly white tiles and the grouting used to be white but is now a horrid grey. If I scrub the grouting I can get it back to being a lighter grey or even an almost matching sandy colour in spots. I know, I've turned into one of those housewife FREAKS! Fancy getting down on hands and knees and scrubbing?



  1. I've had days like that, where I do more ripping than knitting. Usually I decide to give up and wait for a better day.

  2. try scrubbing the grout with toothpaste. paste, not gel. there's whitening agents in it, and the slight abrasive will help as well.

    no, i'm not a housekeeping freak, i'm a memory freak. i read that in heloise years ago. i like to make things easier so i can get back to my knitting, lol.

    i thought of you today. i was in whole foods, and they had gluten-free cookies. i almost bought a box and sent them to you, but they needed to be refrigerated :(. i may just find me a recipe and make some foryou anyway, lol!

  3. Bicarbonate of soda is usually good for those sorts of things - e.g. making a paste, leaving it a good while then scrubbing it off. Our builder in our last house was really helpful and told us to use coloured grout instead of white so it wouldn't look so dirty!

    I just frogged a heel about 6 times this evening before I got it right - must be catching!

  4. I agree with mrspao - must be catching. I've been ripping away. Oh, but it feels good to get rid of something that's bugging you!

  5. I get periods in knitting that I frog more than I knit :( I am doing a cardi now and I thought I was finished and ready to sew up until I realized I have done an error on BOTH fronts !! so its rip back & start again. There are times I wonder why I knit !!

  6. Ah well, frogging is a necessary evil if you're going to be a knitter...


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