Day of pain

G'day all!

Hope it's been a better day for you than me! This morning I "did" my back (it was playing up already but I moved the wrong way and WHAMMY!). I went to the doctor where I got a mole shaved off. That didn't hurt until the anaesthetic wore off and now? Burns!

Anyways, I hopped onto my bike for the umpteenth time today (doctor's visit, then find a chiro - had to ride to them cos we don't have a phone yet, then grocery shopping then back to the chiro.) Chiro does all this stuff and then tells me I have a disk bulge.

Crapulous. No wonder why it hurts more and has more neurological signs than the usual SI joint popping.

More crapulous? Even though we have health insurance, the $40 a pop co-pay means that after four visits this week, we can't afford a mobile (cell) phone. Bottom and poo!

Oh and he doesn't want me riding my bike. Umm, well I can walk there but he doesn't want me walking much either. Or sitting much or standing much or doing much. Being in a car is bad too but I don't have one. He would prefer I drove up there than rode. He suggested I borrow a car, but like from whom? I don't know that the boys down the street (or the cops) would like it if I stole one of their Subaru WRXs....

So I am totally underimpressed. Can't go anywhere, can't do anything, mebbe if I catch the bus but they only run every half hour. At least I have lots of sock yarn.

Just how am I expected to get around?


  1. I wouldn't recommend the stealing option!! Your back sounds very boogelly, I hope it will be better soon.

  2. My docotr was a new one too and I did say I might be a bit nervous, but it mattered not. You will be relieved to hear I can drink wine with no ill effects!!!

  3. At least the WRXs go fast! It wouldnt take long to get there!!! LOL
    Im feeling for you so I wont whinge about my sciatic back!!!

  4. Hope you're back is better soon. Truly lovely sock yarn has been known to display mysterious healing powers, I hear!

  5. I think you should be carried on a litter, on the shoulders of four handsome young men with no shirts on.

    But that's just me.

  6. I'm sorry! That doesn't sound fun at all! I hope it all works out for you and that you're feeling better soon.

  7. I'm so sorry to hear that!!! I hope you'll be able to figure out a comfortable way to get around. I've one herniated and two bulged discs - so I know your pain - but it can get better. Best of Luck to you!

  8. How frustrating! It sounds like all modes of transportation are out? I'd offer to drive you but I'm kind of far away, and I'm currently chauffering a cat for a three hour tour every few weeks to his Keeper. I hope you find a good solution soon, and in the meantime, can keep knitting away the bad back blues.

  9. Oh no - now that is absolutely terrible. Hope that it heals up quickly and you find a solution to get there.


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