Heart beats true

G'day all!

10 or more days ago I finished a pair of socks.

DK weight socks.

Socks that I started Back 'Ome.

I have no idea why socks that normally take 8 hours each for me to knit took so long (though I guess I did have to wait for the second ball of blue yarn to show up with our Stuff). These socks felt like they would never end. It was driving me crazy!

So I give you my heart beats true red and blue socks. Pattern is my standard toe up with short row heel pattern, modified for DK weight (ie 56 stitches or so rather than 64).

Toes are opposite colours

and so are heels.

Why heart beats true? Well I barrack for Melbourne in the Australian Football League back 'ome, and part of the theme song is "every heart beats true for the red and the blue," red and blue being Melbourne's colours.

I've finished them just in time - it has suddenly gone cold here. Overnight temps are no longer 20 something like they were three weeks ago, or even in the high teens like they were a week ago, nope, now they are below 10. The forecast for daily hights is no longer in the 90s or even high 80s (over 30), now it is for 70s and even some 60s! (20-25 or so) OK, so I am ready for some cooler temps but now they are hitting I am all aquiver for winter! All that fat I've lost riding around like a maniac will have to pile back on!



  1. Doesnt it make you feel good to finish a pair of socks!Something useful and thoroughly rewarding!!!!

  2. I'm not an AFL fan, but I can sing along with bits of most of the songs!! Love the socks, love the oppositeness of them!!!

  3. I'm not looking forward to the cold days either, even though it's sweater weather! Love your themed socks, esp. the opposite toes. :)

  4. Lovely socks! It is nice to have something to remind you of home.


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