A pretty sock

G'day all!

I finished another sock last week. This sock took a lot less time to knit up! Not sure why. Possibly because the conjunction of the needles, the yarn and the pattern were all working for me. I started this sock two Tuesdays ago, and in that time knitted, slowly, the cuffs of the heart beats true socks and almost finished a stole that has been loooong in progress (as long as the socks). I am trying to finish UFOs you see, but this sock just kept leaping into my hands. Even annoyances like the poor spinning of the yarn didn't stop me! (BTW, I emailed the company and they said it is a problem with that yarn but I shouldn't have gotten a skein that was that skanky, or words to that effect, and they will send me a new skein. Good, eh? Hope the new skein is better quality controlled...)

The butterfly sock is toe up with a gusset and "flap" heel based on Cookie A's Baudelaire. Because the yarn is so brightly coloured, I thought a busy/lacy pattern would not show up. Instead I looked for one that has yarn carried on the front of the material. The stitch pattern is based on Butterfly Bows by Judy Gibson in Socks Socks Socks.

I even carried the pattern up the heel, though I stuffed it up - I put the bow int he middle not at the sides so the bows clashed where they first meet on the sides of the cuff. Still, I am not that fussed! It is a SOCK! Not many people will get to see it since socks go with long pants and shoes/boots. If I make knee high socks they I would be fussed cos they often go with skirts.

The "mate" to this sock is going to have a different pattern. I think I will used a "quilted" pattern that I saw in a stitch book where the yarn gets carried across the front for five stitches and then two rounds later gets picked up to make a ^. I'm also contemplating the cat face pattern that I think I saw on JenLa's blog. Not sure yet!

Some links for you - I think I've linked to Patricia Waller before cos I remember the rabbits and carrots....

A different way to sequestrate carbon, and a most useful one too. Earlier this year, DH was discussing making a charcoal burner to make char to put into our soil at home. It is apparently excellent for improving the carbon content (and therefore fertility) of soil. It locks in more carbon than it puts into the air. The carbon stays in the soil for many many many years. It could make Australia's ancient, poor soils fertile.

Some oddbods on top of a (small) mountain in Colorado.

Yesterday was excessively cold (ok, under 10C for a lot of the day) and I was out on the bike with bits of my face freezing off. I was looking for a balaclava pattern. Google reminded me of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and their whacky online library. I could make a balaclava with earflaps so's I can make telephone calls more easily! There are some pretty 1940s patterns here too. I could make Antifreeze! I could make a balaclava with so many holes in it, it would not function as a balaclava! I could also make a helmet liner. Same diff! (NB I really like the way they say acrylic is not warm enough for helmet liners. What about the minor issue that acrylic melts as it burns and causes horrible burns? Wool chars and certainly doesn't melt. Given a choice between acrylic and wool when an incendiary device appears out of nowhere, I'll take the wool thanks!)



  1. Very beautiful sock! And congrats on scoring some more yarn- I hope it is better than the first!

  2. That was a great yarn/pattern match!

  3. The sock is so pretty! I like the way you carried the pattern down the heel. I guess I have to start thinking about what winter bike clothes I'll need this year, but hopefully I won't need seriously warm stuff until sometime in December!

  4. It's gorgeous. Love how the butterflies highlight the colors in the yarn!

  5. That is a very beautiful sock, indeed!

  6. Ooer pretty sock!

    Sounds like it's quite a lot colder there than here at the moment, we've been having some summery weather now it's Autumn LOL. Hope you find a nice balaclava pattern. I have had peeps here today who thought my pre-felting mini skully tote was a balaclava - sans eyeholes :-D


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