Why I need a stashomatic

Hello world!

Well my blog is now at least on Google. Interestingly there is a new shop opening up in the US called Yarnivore. Guess I am not the only one to think this up!

Today's topic is why do I need a stashomatic? Hmm, well maybe this will give you some ideas:

Yarn for my next projects, lotsa cottons.

Things wot I should be knitting.

My multi-coloured yarns.


Pretty colours. Lynne colours.

Sea and Land.

Reds and oranges. Sick of it yet? Well there ain't much more to go....

I have a surprising amount of browns - not my colours!

Recent acquisitions in little baskets. This may give you a hint as to yesterday's question....

OK, so this is most but not all of my yarn. For starters for some reason some of the pics won't preview (ie probably won't display on this blog page) despite me checking the HTML and the names a dozen times. It doesn't include any of the yarns I have dyed or the pure wools/animal fibres. Nor the small amounts of spun yarns that I have. Admittedly my stash is not big enough to fill even a small room, let alone three or four rooms (not that I know *anyone* who has that much stash, not at all! ;-). But it does a very good job of covering the loungeroom floor if I spread it out.

Hmm, I really should do some pics of the thrummed mittens and the almost finished tank and the scarf for Fred.

Whilst I've been editing this post and fixing the pics (it has taken some time cos it seems blogger doens't like embedded tables and after getting all the code in I had to take it all back out again...), I've listened to CD 1 of The Wall (singing loudly and as called for not very tunefully), some SciFi music, now a bit of Tom Lehrer and soon I reckon a bit of B5 volume 2. Looks like I have to get the compilation album too, and the episodic CD of "and the Rock Cried Out." The latter better have that great gospel song that accompanies Lord Refa's despatch at the hands of the Narns. Have no idea what I am talking about? Google Babylon 5 and be enlightened. Even better, hire some dvds and then buy them. :-)


  1. 1. Increase your readers by putting the blog url in a .sig!! 2. Wot is the scaffolding for????? Are you going to take out the ladder bits and hang someone/thing?? 3. Stash housing is known as 90-something litre tubs. (the 120l ones are TOO big - ask me how I know, LOL). Watch the junk mail, as they can be got at GoLo, KMart, Woollies, Reject Shop etc. Get ones with wheels. They will stack 3 high OK, you'll need Nathan to stack 4 high. All shops have their own designs, all slightly different. Doesn't matter, they still stack!


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