I still need a stashomatic

G'day to my loyal and hardy readers! I am sure there are some out there, surely? OK, maybe not so sure. The stats say I get about 28 visits a week, but I have a feeling some of those are me! LOL.

Firstly, a question. What do you think this is? More on it later! Maybe like tomorrow. Get your guess in quickly!

Over the last couple of days, I've been working hard on reorganising my stash. I used to have it organised by type of yarn. Now I am organising it by colour. Of course a lot of the yarns I have are multicoloured, which is making it much more fun to figure out where on earth to "file" the little beggars. I need a stashomatic!

On the knitting front, I am still sewing stupid little beads into the eyelets of my nice new summer top (must be doing something wrong with eyelets - they look so small and cute in the patterns yet these ones were showing off half my bra!). I only have about 8 stupid little beads to sew in now. Pics tomorrow I hope of the finished sewing. Then I have to do the neckband and the armhole bands.

I realised on Friday night that if I had given Bonnie (expert on sea "spiders") a farewell present of a possum and merino scarf, then maybe Fred, the leech man (aka world expert on leeches), and Bonnie's husband might like one too. So he is getting a merino and soie scarf. I'm even putting a cable pattern in it - my first cables since my first jumper which I made when I was 9 or 10. Pics when I've done a bit more of it - the cable is in its infancy at present. Some may recognise the cable pattern when they see it.

All of this is holding up the thrummed mittens, which I will definately have to give away cos mine fit a woman's small hand, so far, and I most certainly do not have a small hand! Indeed, my hands do not fit into most women's gloves without the same feelings as I get when I squish my feet into too small shoes. life is too short to have cramping, squished hands and feet!

Today's rant. Welcome to Connex. This is a service to Flinders Street. Except you can't get on it because we apparently enjoy tormenting our customers who change trains at Richmond to get the direct train. We will torment you by promising a train in 10 minutes, just after the train you got off (to catch the connecting train) has departed. We will torment you further by counting down the arrival of the train for 10 minutes, then at the 10 minute mark we will further torment you by saying it is two minutes away (ie you've waited 12 minutes), then run a Flinders St train on a platform 6 platforms away whilst saying the next train is on the platform you are waiting for. After 16 minutes, the long awaited train shows up. We have ensured your eternal torment (it will seem eternal) but only running a three carriage long train, ie half the normal length. By now there are somewhere between 500-1000 people waiting to get on an already full half length train that can only take about 500 people if they are really friendly, but we don't care. We will make a concession and run another train in four minutes, but it is full already too. You lost 25 minutes flex time? We aren't fussed by that! We have trains to run and because all you ignorant pig dogs insist on catching our trains, we now may have to pay fines cos our trains ran late since you all insisted on getting onto the train!

A little extra for you bug-freaks out there. On the weekend, we found this beauty stuck in the cobwebs in the corner of the kitchen. Yes, I have cobwebs in my house cos dang-it there are two other people who live here who DON'T have full time jobs so why is it up to the full time worker to come home and do all the housecleaning??? Anyway, this is a real cutie - the biggest stick insect I've seen outside a zoo. We took her outside and put her on my precious roses cos what's a few leaves compared to an enormous stick insect???


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