Alien DNA

Ohmigod this is the scarf that would not die. Or at least it seems to be taking forever to finish it. It certainly would not offend Allah cos it has plenty o' mistakes in it - I looked at it this afternoon and realised I had stuffed up the eye all the way down in the sixth row, and I'm now up to row 82....

Here is the beast in question, or at least part of it:

Yes, I stuffed up on this part too - I am going to tell Fred that the DNA is decondensing around there :-) I am making the scarf in two pieces cos I want it to be "even" at both ends. Well it won't be exactly matching but both ends will resemble the other. Vaguely.

I must say that I am finding the cables more fun than I thought I would. I really have to learn or get faminilar with holding the cable stitches in my fingies, but for the nonce I am using a (much smaller) DPN. It suffices.

The other day i was knitting the thrummed mitt on the train and one of the four needles dropped onto the floor. I had visions of the Yarnharlot's loss of a DPN in the cracks of the trolleycar, but I was on a modern train and they don't build em with cracks anymore. Crack are just a good way to accumulate - oh let's just not go there!


  1. Hi Lynne,

    I love the Alien scarf it looks really good! I am very intrigued by your thrum mittens. I'm looking forward ot hearing more about them.



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