What is it?

G'day all!

Last week I asked you to guess what this thing is:

Well this week, after receiving only one guess, I reveal the true nature of the beast. Drum roll please!


Yes, it is a new stashomatic!

It actually started off life as a seedling tray holder - have a look at Nathan's site using the humble garden stake for more info about how excellent garden stakes are as buidling materials. The really nifty part is that those ugly grey bits of timber, when planed, turn out to be all sorts of offcuts of lovely rainforest timbers and all sorts of stuff.

The keen of eye among you will note that there is the cousin to the Yarn of Satan in there. Yes indeedy, I VOLUNTARILY bought some lots cheap Lincraft YOS knock off, as reported last week. It will make excellent scarves mixed with the eyelash yarn and I am sure someone will like them. I do! *blush* I don't even mind knitting it as long as I have another thread in there. (that requires a really BIG *BLUSH*). It also has the cotton that I will be making some more summer tops out of and most of my WIPs (also known as UFOs).

Karen tells me to get big rolly boxes to stash my stash in but I don't have anywhere to stash such a big box! Plus my stash would only take up one box and compared with Karen's stash mine would feel totally inadequate!

I'm feeling enthused about knitting again cos I have finally completed the blasted scarf. The scarf is pretty short even though it has four balls of wool in it, all of which claim to be 100m long. Currently it is "blocking" on a bit of cardboard out the back. It has to go to its new owner by Wednesday night cos they leave on Thursday. It will be sad not to have Fred and Bonnie around but that is academic life for you - people have to go where they can get money to do their research. Or do what I did and sell their soul to the company and become a corporate slave. Sigh. All so I can keep a roof over my head and buy yarn. And keep my mad husband in some sort of style whilst he finishes his PhD.



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