Spring fever

Hello to my readers! It is nice to be able to say readers - there are at least two of you I know!

As I rode home on the train today, I started doubting my own sanity. It was a nice warm spring day today in Melbourne - about 27 degrees C. Apart from a couple of days in WA and when we were driving, it is the warmest day we've had since April.

So why, WHY am I knitting the cuffs for thrummed mittens? Indeed, why am I knitting them now instead of sewing beads into the eyelets of my new summer top? I finished the front yesterday and now it has to have the shoulder seams sewn up and the neckline band done, so WHY AM I KNITTING THE THRUMMED MITTENS?

I can only ascribe it to spring fever. Any other suggestions?

First day back at work was OK - spent a lot of it with a new starter. I am at a loss about what to do about work - until Nathan has finished the fud and has a stable job, I have to stay where I am. Someone has to earn the money that pays the bills and keeps us at a reasonable lifestyle level. I just feel that my skills are not being used particularly well but am at a loss to figure out how they could be better used in this job. Or other jobs for that matter.

Here are a couple of nice spring flower shots:

roses and apples growing together
Rose and Apple - members of the same family

yellow claw flower or verticordia
Verticordia - one of my very favouritest (yes that is not a real word) flowers.
You can find some pretty pics here of them in the wild.



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