Non-angelina and a confession or two

Hello to my handful of readers! Someone must be checking up on me cos according to my site meter I've had about 20 hits per week - not bad for a beginner who has no links from any other pages!

I picked up a book today at my LYS and it is full of patterns for Zhivago, Zest and the Yarn of Satan (as a trim only - its best use!). It has some nice little tops in it - book 1230, "Resort Knits."

If you have been eyeing off Angelina (or have made it!! you know who you are!) then you should weep cos Patons have got a couple of jackets that I humbly believe are inspired by Angelina in this book. (I admit that was one reason why I bought it, please don't hit me!) See what I mean? Resort Knits

I further admit that I went and bought a number of balls of Flutter (ie Lincraft's version of the Yarn of Satan) and Lincraft's copy of temptation and funky fur (aka Funky Fiber) today cos they are cheap and will knit up into fab scarves for friends and possibly other people too. Each scarf will only cost $7. I could get a bit more and make hats too! Ah I love me a little synthetic on occasion. (Did anyone notice that I had a yarn of Satan scarf on as part of my wedding outfit? No? You'd better have another look at the top photo of this link!

I think buying the Evil Yarn is something to do with only having bought the alpaca fleece in the last three weeks. Since I am not Catholic, someone else will have to do penance for me instead ;-)

Now I am wondering if the Dimmeys yarn will be any good for the Paton's non-Angelina cheap can I get?

Since I haven't posted any pics for ages and pics are the food of blogs, here are a couple. Firstly a shot of the alpaca fleece:
soft fuzzy Alpaca fleece Doesn't it look so soft and furry and fluffy?

And next remember my Santa that a made four weeks ago?

happy smiling needle-felted Santa
Well there he is with eyes this time, crinkled up laughing eyes! I don't know that I will put a nose on him cos I can't figure it out. Instead he will have to be a gelfling santa.

Anyone got a spare $100,000? My favourite yarn shop is not really on the market but will be and it could be amusing to work for oneself rather than being a corporate slave.

To come in the next thrilling installment - processing of the alpaca fleece. Please note that I have no idea beyond getting some dog brushes to help comb out the muck... Then I can thrum-along.

Golly, I haven't even started playing with the alpaca fleece and bits of it are flying around the room! Something just came in for a crash landing between me and the computer that looked suspiciously like alpaca fleece....



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