Oh for the life of a jet setter

Gday all!

I am off to Brisvegas. 


For a conference, not for a holiday.  Not so hooray.  I'll be manning the stand for work, along with a coworker.

I expect to be knackered by next Thursday.

At least there have been no major dramas so far. Here's hoping it stays that way.

Woot, boarding is about to commence.

Gee, thanks optus for not letting me connect!

Now coming at you live from brisvegas



  1. Brisvegas has to be warmer than Sydney. Wind chill factor early this morning took temp down to 11 deg, not that it was much warmer without the wind. Windy, cold and damp. If these temps hang around till Friday it will be the chilliest start to summer for 50 years.

  2. 'Brisvegas' always makes me laugh!! Hope the conference goes well.


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