Another year over

G'day all!

And I've been doing lots!

This has been a pretty incredible year.  Not necessarily the happiest year ever but all sorts of things have happened.

We have seen lots of stuff - going to NYC and back to San Jose was pretty darned  good.  We've made some good friends.  We've lived comfortably in Australia's largest city.

And the New Year will ring in changes.

On New Year's Day, I'm driving back up to Sydney to supervise the packing of our gear and its removal to the States.  Plus I'm taking some extra bits.  On the 4th, I am going to the airport and getting on a plane for Hawaii (meeting up with DH at Sydney airport), where we will spend a couple of days.  Then we get on the plane to Seattle and a new life.

I'm going to miss family and friends and Australia and the long days and summer.  I am a long days person.  DH isn't "validating my feelings" about this, which causes arguments.  I am sure things will be fab in Seattle, I am just not good with rain and cold and short days.  I don't deal with temps under about 15C with any sort of grace - I get cold, like finger-numb-and-stiff and nose-numb-and-dripping.  Even if I dress warmly I get cold.  I am after all Australian born and bred.  Melbourne gets cold in winter, but Californian-type cold, not temps that you find in a fridge or a freezer.  When it is damp it feels even colder.

This just means I'll have to knit Even More Mittens and hats (and line them with polar fleece to make them warmer).  And there will be new things to see and explore, and if they carry the nice bread I found in Wholefoods in NYC and Campbell I'll be happy (cos they will also have the amazing range of GF and DF "icecream"... what, I shouldn't eat icecream if I am cold? 8-).  I'll take along a good supply of chocolate cos sometimes WF doesn't carry the one that is edible - GF and DF chocolate is surprisingly hard to come by.  Most of them have traces of both gluten and dairy, and some dark chocolate outright contains dairy (the horror!).

So if I do not blog over the next few days, you know that I am getting ready to leave (again), and that you have my felicitations for a most fabulous New Year.  Make it a good one!



  1. good luck for your new life in the US

  2. All the best, Lynne, for the year ahead. Both the unpacking and the unpacking and new life.

  3. Have a wonderful new year. I'm sure it will be great!

  4. Good luck, Lynne! I wish you a WONDERFUL new year! I lived on the Oregon coast for a while and I know what you mean about the weather. I found that, sometimes, I didn't have to go far to find a change -- just a few miles inland or up a canyon could change things drastically. All the best to you!!

  5. While significantly wetter, it's not necessarily that much colder in Seattle, especially at sea level.

    As for lack of sun - the bright side is that you are moving at a time when days get longer, although I do know that they get many more grey days. (Perhaps you can get one of those lamps for SAD.)

    If all else fails, make regular visits down to SJC ... cheap flights on Southwest. (Stitches may still have classes.)

    Sometimes it's hard for people to understand a problem if it isn't one for them. Especially true of spousal units. That's what friends are for.

  6. Hope the transition goes smoothly and that you have fun setting things up in Seattle. It's a beautiful city, and California is only a short flight away.

    Maybe we can meet at Stitches again!

  7. Anonymous7:49 am

    My daughter has celiac disease and has recently discovered Kinnikinnick brand gluten free products made in Edmonton Alberta. You may well be able to get it in Seattle but most definitely in Vancouver.

  8. Happy New Year and all the best for your new life in Seattle!

  9. Best wishes for you and Hubby for 2012, in spite of your feelings not being validated I can tell you are excited about the move. I hope it all goes really smoothly, enjoy your days in Hawaii, and I look forward to reading about your Seattle adventures!!




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