Brisvegas re-entry

G'day all! Whoops, forgot to post this before the PiLs arrived, and I've hardly been online all weekend.

I am very glad to be home from Brisvegas, though not glad to be home for reasons I cannot reveal until Monday (AFAIK, I am fine, DH is coping, but in the next month there will be some big changes!).

So how are you all?

I am rather stressed, for reasons that will be revealed soon.  I have so much to do.  Tonight the PiLs are coming to visit, which means moving furniture again and cleaning the place.  Did I mention that I've been away for a week?  And have Even More Stuff to put away?

Ah well, it will all be good in the end.

So the conference was good, very good.  I learned a fair bit, not the least of which was that even without much sleep, I can still put on my own little show and pretend to be a bouncy outgoing type, until I run out of food at least.  I had a lovely time at one of the dinners (the dinner where they offered me more than two party pies, a manky sausage roll, and eventually found a plate of prawns and smoked doods, that is not dinner, especially when lunch was lentils and rice and there was something like 7 hours in between meals.  I graze my way through my day, normally).  I seem to have a knack of ending up talking to the overseas visitors.  One chap had lived in Seattle for 28 years, and another lives in San Jose about 3-4 miles from where we used to live if that.  Another lives near Toronto, which I have visited.  Another lives in Sheffield, UK, and likes both Monty Python and Pratchett.  My boss picked on me because apparently I had two of the visitors eating out of my hand pretty much, but it was noisy at the dinner and they both turned out to have hearing issues (they had hearing aids).   I danced like a crazy thing, though I nearly passed out because I cannot do what is effectively high impact aerobics, sing and breathe all at the same time.  Like what is wrong with me?   Really.  Oh and they had a smoke machine too, just to add to my breathing issues.   I stood at our booth and talked to people for hours.  I extraverted, or at least pretended to be an extravert, for quite a number of days.  It's only taken me how long to learn how to wear that hat?

There is a reason why I want to crawl into my hidey hole and pull a lid over it and pretend that I don't have a number of deadlines hanging over me....

I was vastly entertained by the opening speaker of the conference, Amanda Gore.  She is like me crossed with my boss, extraverted and on speed.  The lady's stage show would imply she is mad as a cut snake, though I have the feeling she isn't. Anyone who can get a pack of dour occupational hygienists all standing up, arm in arm, singing "Always look on the bright side of life" has to be pretty darned cunning I reckon.  (Although the lady next to me walked out.  She couldn't take it any more.  Someone else sat down next to me and we had a brilliant time - me and him and the other lady next to me....)  Now not all occupational hygienists are dour, as you might realise.  My boss isn't and most of the Bright Young Things amongst them aren't either.  Some of the older ones really know how to get their groove on too.  Amanda gave us a lot to remember and be grateful for.

Must post this little one before getting onto the Big News.



  1. Well, that sounds like PD I have attended!! I only ask that the food is reasonable and that no-one has to give massages to the person next to them. (Me)


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